2012 Deck – Week 35

In June of this year Imran Khan had done an article on the new insurgence of young (and not so young) Photographers in Guyana in the form of the Facebook Group Guyana Photographers, this was recently re-blogged on the GuyanaPhotographers.com site.  In it he mentioned that the Seawalls seem to be a favourite or default location for their “treks”, this is very true.

With most of the population of Guyana living on the Atlantic coast, this is inevitable; with the majority of (accessible) roads meandering along the coast, this is inevitable; with the majority of the coastland given over to farming (and now housing) leaving the only scenic areas being the seawalls stretching from east to west along the coast, this is inevitable.

I’m not saying that there aren’t more places that would make nice photographs, there are, they are just not as “easy” to get to.  You can read “easy” as being “not too expensive to get to”, “not too arduous to get to”, “not needing to plan a trip weeks in advance” and  ‘not requiring a four wheel drive vehicle with a winch and hi-lift” to get there.  🙂

So, for someone who has a full-time job but would still like to get a nice photograph, as Imran so accurately pointed out, the Seawall becomes the “default” location  🙂

With that said… here’s a pair of Jhandi Flags… on the sea shore, just in front of the Seawall

Click on the image to see it better in the Gallery, along with all the other entries for this year’s Deck Project.

10 thoughts on “2012 Deck – Week 35

  1. And it is becoming more of a default these days too, cause you rarely have the time to venture too far afield and the seawall is pretty close by. Still I do remember us working harder to get photos closer to where we are. We don’t walk around the city much anymore.

  2. cecil beharry

    Hello Michael
    Do you have any photos of the old creek bridges (rail and road) of the Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary bridges? These are good to photograh. Think about it.
    The Jhandi flags are great. Love it
    Stay good

  3. Cynthia Preston

    Okay for those of us, (namely me) who didn’t grow up in Guyana, and whose mum didn’t share too much about growing up in Guyana, tell me about jhandi flags…………..Please and thank you!

  4. strong photo!

    cynthia, the jhandi flag is a personification of a particular deity being worshiped; sometimes, worshipers even place a picture of the deity on the flag. each color is specific to a deity…if i remember correctly my mother once told me “pink is for mother lakashmi”

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