My name is Michael C. Lam, born, raised and living in Guyana, South America (the only English speaking country in South America, so we are most times associated with the Caribbean Island States rather than South America).  By profession, I am a computer graphic artist, working at a Sign company.  My level of Photography is that of a Photo Hobbyist.

As a photo-hobbyist I get to experiment with my photography, looking for that “type” that suites me.

For a couple years I used the Canon Powershot S3 and subsequently the Canon Powershot S5, I now use a Canon Rebel T1i.  It may be fair to call me a Canon man, but that’s only because I am familiar with the cameras and I am comfortable with them, I have nothing against Nikon or Pentax or Sony or any other brand for that matter.  If you hand me a free Nikon D300, I’ll happily shoot with it  🙂

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  1. Michael, Good choice for a free camera, I shoot with the Nikon D300 and love it.
    I love blogs, they allow us to be transported to another place like we never have been able to before. I thank you for your blog, your posts give me insight to another place, as well as do your pictures. -Kim


    Hello Michael, I was born in Guyana too. My friend Richard Driver sent me the link. I see you have a David Fernandes on the site also. I wonder if he is related to Robert Fernandes, also a photographer, one of whose pieces hangs in my home. As a child, I lived with the Fernandes family — that would have been approximately 1951 -53.

    I am enjoying your photographs. Sad to know that many of the landmarks of my day are disappearing or have disappeared. Please keep on recording Guyana life.

    Thanks — Mary Hares Franklin

  3. Brian Chin

    Thank you for the tribute to my dad. His friends and colleagues like you are what drove him. He loved to collaborate with others who were interested in showcasing Guyana. We miss him dearly


    1. Brian, it was not enough, I did not know him as much as I’d have liked, he entered my life (personally) late, yet I had felt like I’d known him all my years, my dad always talked about him, and forwarded his many emails to me even before he ever re-appeared in Guyana 🙂

  4. Sharon Da Silva-Kwok

    I got your sight from Uncle Godfrey’s son Brian this morning ( one of our Best Friends) and I see why he told me to check it out. I too am into photography and very much a Cannon girl 🙂 Currently shooting with the EOS 50 D. Born in Guyana but residing in Canada…EXCELLENT work !!! I am so enjoying browsing through your passion.
    Uncle Godfrey was one of my biggest fans always telling me “Sharon you need to showcase yourself with your talent”. What a lovable Man he was although no longer with us in person he will forever be with us in spirit…. I am yet to put together a website but having seen yours gives me inspiration.:) Keep it up.
    Sharon Da Silva-Kwok

    1. Thanks Sharon,
      Uncle Godfrey encouraged me in much the same way, he commented on some of my blogs as well, and of course, we got some good history in just those comments 🙂 He was planning on doing a display of some of my photos this year, along with many other items he already had prepared, but sadly, that will not come to pass now.

  5. Enjoy your blog -the pictures and especially the one about the disappearing cinema in Guyana. As an expat Guyanese living abroad for several decades I look back nostalgically to an era of cinema going when I was a boy in GT. I am now retired and devoted to writing [novels] and amateur photography. My websitehttp://www.kenpuddicombe.ca/kenpud/Home.html has more information on my albums and writing.

    1. Thanks Ken, I am honoured with your comment and your visit. I am not much of a writer, and only a little better at photography, I am pleased to share what little I can with anyone who wants to see it 🙂 Thanks for your website, I will surely enjoy it!

  6. Michael:
    I notice that you’re a computer graphic artist. I’m looking for a cover for a novel that I’m publishing. It’s called RACING WITH THE RAIN and is largely set in British Guiana/ Guyana. Is this the sort of thing that you can do? Please respond at my email below…

  7. Sam Bissessar

    Your St .George’s Panorama is very beautiful and I would like to purchase a 20″x30″ print from you on my next visit to Guyana later this year. I am aware of the fact that I can do so online but I would very much prefer to do so while in Guyana. If this is possible would you please let me know how I can get in contact with you while I am there. Thanks you, and keep up the good work.

    Sam Bissessar

  8. Tanya

    I am interested in using one of your photos, “Seaward Bowline,” as a cover image. Please contact me as soon as possible. thanks.

  9. nell

    Hello Michael

    We are are clearing images for the opening ceremony of the upcoming Islamic solidarity game in Baku.
    It would be good to know if we are able to use your image of Whitby statue , at the moment we are in the very early stages of production.
    Please email me for further information.


    Nell Carpenter

  10. Janice lowe

    hello, did you ever take photos of the interior of St. Patrick’s church in Canje, Berbice? It was so beautiful. I would like to think photos of it exist somewhere.

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