The 2010 Deck

A the beginning of this year Nikhil told me he was going to try a 365 Project, that is to take and upload one photograph for every day of the year, or I should say to upload at one photograph that he took that day.  I thought about joining him then decided that I wouldn’t make a photograph a day, not on my schedule.  So I considered doing one photograph per week, and I though I might call it a 52 Project, but that just didn’t have the same ring to it as a 365 Project, so the my brain associated the number 52 with a Deck of Playing Cards, and thus was born the name The 2010 Deck.

So, my project to run simultaneously with Nikhil’s 365 Project was The 2010 Deck, where I would choose one photograph from the preceding week and use it in the collection.  Since I started to blog somewhere in May I don’t have a blog-post for each Deck Photo, but on this page I will put each of them as I upload them to the site, so this page serves as a thumbnail collection of The 2010 Deck Collection.

2 thoughts on “The 2010 Deck

  1. I have had the pleasure of your wonderful comments on my photography for several months now. I only just realized that you had this blog. Your pictures are wonderful and I plan to check back often. While I had already mentally “signed up” to put up 365 pictures a year, I also like the weekly deck of photos. So, to push my photography envelope, I will be doing both. Thank you so much for the inspiration and the kind comments you leave for me. And, I’m sorry my last picture made you dizzy!!

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