The Calm – LBI HDR

For anyone who has followed my through my blogging, you’ll have seen Nikhil’s name popping up with some regularity, we’re friends, and he’s also my photo-buddy.  In September of last year he came out with a spectacular image which has since been used by Kriti in their publication of the 2011 Scotiabank (Guyana) Calendar, it’s an amazing image, he titled it Resting Drama (if you click on the name you’ll see it on his site).

I was left stunned with his image and had not processed any of my images from that day, they will all pale in comparison.  Today I decided to process one, (I’ll get to the others eventually) this one was a three image HDR, whilst he faced north, I faced east, into the slowly setting sun.

I want to explain a few things; firstly, it’s a three image HDR (High Dynamic Range) trying to get the most detail out of the scene.  Secondly, it’s about the scene as it is depicted, I tried as much as possible to keep the image as “natural” as possible, sometimes HDRs can go overboard and look over-processed or even cartoonish.

The sky was cloudy, so we were in a shadowed setting with some cloud coverage overhead, heavier as you looked eastward,but far towards the east the sun was setting, and fewer clouds were in the sky that far east giving the sunlight entrance to the scene.  The sunlight bathed the seawall mildly or gently, You can see the wetness towards the sea reflecting the light, even the grass shoreward was lit to a degree.

I think I may be using too many words, I should just let the photo speak for itself.


The Calm - La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara. 3 Image HDR, 27mm, ISO 200

24 thoughts on “The Calm – LBI HDR

  1. You keep pulling these rabbits out of the hat of recent past. How many more of these gems you got hidden away? As for the wordiness of the post, I think it is helpful to interpreting some of the more heavily processed images.

  2. cecil beharry

    Hi Michael
    Great photograph
    A photo like this leaves me stunned, trying to understand it. Like the clouds look unfriendly and I would want to get home in a hurry, but then, I could be very wrong.
    Then I look at it again and just accept that the quality of the photo is of your usual very high standard
    Kind regards

  3. Hey, Michael, you’re too critical of yourself. That is a stunning image. I have PhotoMatixPro but I don’t do the HDR. As I might of mentioned before, my subjects, flying birds, etc. don’t stay still long enough to get three identical images. But I do use the Tone Mapping that PhotoMatix has in it’s program. You only need one image, and it works great. I am using almost exclusively, even ignoring RAW, and am getting fantastic results.


    1. Thanks Bob, I tried photomatix before, I am currently trying out Nik HDR Efex, but I’ve found for single image tone-mapping I’ve been trying Oloneo’s beta version and it’s good, give it a try (free beta version right now)

  4. Michael you are lucky to have a photo buddy. I rarely have time to meet people due to our schedules, but I wanted to say that this is a great idea and I hope to find one when time permits. BTW – Nikhil’s photos are awesome too!

  5. I agree with past comments, what an excellent photography! So many elements what with the turbulent sky moving down to the more tranquil sea/grassy area. Love the composition as well, can’t wait to see more rabbits!

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