Looking into the sun

I remember reading the manual for the Canon PowerShot S5 (and later for the Canon EOS Rebel T1i) and one of the things they say NOT to do was to point the camera directly at the sun.

Well, I couldn’t help it, I did it numerous times with the S5 and I certainly didn’t stop when I got the T1i, although doing it with the T1i hurts more since I am looking through the viewfinder and not using a LCD screen 🙂

One of the dangers of taking a photograph pointing into the sun is losing most of the correct colour in the scene, but since I was planning a BW with this one back in September of last year, I don’t think that consideration mattered too much.

This is the bandstand at the Kingston seawall, with the Pegasus Hotel seen behind it, and the sun behind them 🙂


Into the Sun

14 thoughts on “Looking into the sun

  1. If I ever become dictator, I will dictate that all light poles and electricity wires be outlawed 🙂 Oh, and looking into the sun with the optical viewfinder is as bad as looking at the sun with your naked eye (yes, I know I do it all the time too).

    1. Worse than naked eye, if you have a zoom lens fitted! But at least you tend to look into the sun later in the day, rather than pointing the camera straight up at the sun at midday!

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