The Deck – Week 43

Oloneo just extended their current Beta version of their software to December, and I remembered that I had wanted to experiment with a single image in their software and see what lighting possibilities there were, so this week I chose a photograph that I had wanted to do some minor lighting adjustments and colour saturations to.  As Oloneo can work directly with the RAW file I actually got quite a lot of noise in the process, and I then used some noise reduction before uploading.

As a stand-alone RAW processor it is not bad at all, nowhere close to Lightroom, but then nothing is.  I like the slider controls and I would recommend it for HDR work, and if you like experimenting, it has a unique “Relighting” HDR feature, for controlled shooting conditions, check out their site if you get the chance.

I only took 86 photos this week, but for the small number I had a slightly hard time choosing one, I think it is just because of my experimenting in Oloneo that I chose this one  🙂

This was taken at Diamond (village) on the East Bank of Demerara, the cane fields are in bloom, the sun was about to go into its daily descent for sunset and some of the clouds were reflecting the sun’s glow nicely.  Oloneo stripped out the EXIF information from the file, I hope they fix that in the final version.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Diamond Fields 7505. Canon T1i, 1/40sec f/4.5 ISO200 10mm



The Deck – Week 42

I almost didn’t get to sort out this last week’s photos, and I may have already used my best image for that last post  🙂

This week’s image has a little novelty, a small moon in the background.  While this week’s image may not be too special, today is special for myself and Nikhil, we were both chosen as “Featured Local Photographers” for an event being held by the Demerara Tobacco Company as part of the Dunhill Experience, so a few of our images will be on display at a semi-private event and we are expected to be there to discuss our photography with the guests.  This is a first for me, my fifteen minutes of fame (or shame, if I can’t put two words together correctly).  Wish me luck, I am not too worried about my friend Nikhil, he’s a lawyer, he’s faced worse people  🙂  I think that they will feature other photographers at later events, so we’re like the opening act  🙂

Anyway, here’s the photo of the Susamacher Methodist Church  🙂

The Deck – Week 41

This week was fairly good as photography goes, I took a lot of photographs, 311 of which I’ve downloaded, the remainder were from a wedding that I was helping my bother Andre out at.

Choosing an image for this week’s deck proved more difficult than I would have thought, but that is mainly because the image I wanted to use, I decided to relegate to another blog-post for tomorrow.  The image I eventually decided upon was chose for the unusual perspective, at least for me, I am usually more of an angular person when it comes to the direction from which I generally point the camera, Nikhil is usually the one who goes for “head-on” views.

I had the Sigma 10-20mm Wide angle lens on my camera, and I thought that the image would look good from a head-on view facing the horizon, unfortunately the shoreline and the horizon were not exactly parallel at this point, but I think I got the image to where I wanted it 🙂

This was taken along the seawall somewhere between Montrose and Le Resouvenir on the East Coast of Demerara.


Moored at Montrose
Moored at Montrose


The Deck – Week 40

Something has changed… although I am not sure what it is, it has affected my photography, or maybe it has affected how I see my photographs.  I was very disappointed with this last week’s photographs, either I have lost the zeal or I am more critical of the images, or I have simply taken bad images this last week.  Of the one hundred and five images taken over the last week, there was one that I was somewhat pleased with, a location that I had photographed before, but never posted an image of it for The 2010 Deck.

We revisited the Kitty Market Square, and I took this image, I liked it in colour, but I also liked it in monochrome… after some consultation, the monochrome edged out the colour  🙂


Kitty Market Square, October 2010



The Deck – Week 39

I took photos on three days of the last week (from last Friday to this Thursday) but most of it is not worth even processing.  The day that I took this photograph was eventful, so I will mention some of that after I put the photograph up.  I was going to just put the photo up and leave the rest of the story out, but many people are expecting the story, so I will put some of it up.

The photograph is one of those Sunsets where the area around the sun is now warming up (so to speak) and the remainder of the sky is a cooler blue.

Kingston seashore, Georgetown Guyana. 5:37pm, September 28, 2010

Nikhil and I were out on the Kingston seashore photographing driftwood, waves, and whatever else caught our eye, including the setting sun and the resulting effects in the sky.  Approximately 10 minutes after I took this photograph, we were back on the Promenade area around the area by the “Roundhouse”, there are usually some homeless men living in the Roundhouse.  We were looking in that area for other things to photograph when we noticed that the sunset had changed to a much more orange and red cast and decided that we would return to the end of the promenade to photograph it.  Just about this time two young men on bicycled passed us and stopped their cycles on at the end of the Roundhouse and disappeared behind the wall there.  As we approached the end to photographed the sunset, we noticed that they were urinating and we naturally averted our gaze and concentrated on the sunset.

We were focused on the scene before us when they finished their business and walked behind us towards their bicycles, the next thing I knew I was falling to the ground and being attacked about my body by one of the men who now had a piece of wood in his hand.  We were being robbed.  My spectacles had fallen off  and I could barely make out the man now shouting at me and hitting me, I told him to stop hitting and just  take whatever it was he wanted, we were not going to fight them.  It seemed he didn’t believe me and shouted to his companion to throw the gun.  I repeated myself and seemed to get through to him, he searched my pants pockets and took all my cash and my cellular phone.  He threw my wallet and licence on the ground and demanded that I not get up and try to follow them.

Nikhil helped me to my feet and also to find my spectacles, I really am useless without them.  Some of the homeless men were returning to the Roundhouse after their evening bath in the sea and were shocked that in the short space of time that they had gone, we were attacked and robbed.  Of course, we then called for help using the cellular phone that I had in my shirt pocket which they missed, we went to the Police and now one of them men has been captured.  I learnt from NIkhil that although he was not assaulted with a piece of wood, the man who robbed him had a pistol.  Amazingly, I still had my camera, but Nikhil’s camera was gone.

Fortuitously, one of the photographs I had taken earlier had captured the two men when they had passed us, that photograph assisted the police to identify the men and thus far apprehend one of them.

We are both fortunate to be alive.  I have always been told by people wiser than myself that in a robbery, do not be a hero!  Give them what they want and live.  Some of that advice must have sunk in since that is what I did after the initial resistance.  Of course, a few blows to the back of the head and neck puts one in a more submissive mood.

The photograph may not be great, but it certainly is not the last Sunset that I have seen.

The Deck – Week 38

This week was busy, I got more photographs than usual 🙂  I have quite a number that I would love to use as the photo for The 2010 Deck this week, but I have to choose one, so after some thought I chose one that I am unlikely to replicate anytime soon, it is a wide-angle shot from a low perspective:

Lighthouse, Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana

This is the “Lamp Room” at the top of the Lighthouse in Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana.  It was taken from the stairwell at the level with the floor.

The Deck – Week 37

This week I took more photographs than normal, but that’s because I went to a Birthday Party  🙂  I had quite a selection this week, but went for one that actually surprised me, since I never thought I could see this particular scene in this was, very little of the wires that I always see in this general area.

Not much to say about it really, just a photo I like.  It is of the National Library, here in Guyana. The Library sits at the corner of Church Street and Main Street, it faces the Bank of Guyana.

The National Library

The Deck – Week 36

It wasn’t a very good week for me as photography goes, but of the few good ones I did put aside, I had a hard choice as to which one I would be using for this week’s Deck photo.   What I ended up doing was displaying them all on the screen and see which one jumped out at me, whether it was just different because of colour, composition, content, or if it was just very different to what I’ve taken recently, this shot stood out from the rest.

Bora, Merriman's Mall, Bourda.

It is simple, but I like it  🙂  In Guyana, this is called “Bora”, taken at one of the stalls on Merriman’s Mall by Bourda Market.

The Deck – Week 35

I took very few photographs this week, I am not sure why that is, I just took very few.  So out of twenty-five photographs total over seven days, I had to choose one for The 2010 Deck.  As it turned out, I found some I really liked, and the choice would have been hard had it not been for this particular image in the set.

All the elements just fell into place for this one, and I was very happy with the final shot.

In observance of the holy month of Ramadan I give you this week’s Deck photograph:

Mosque on Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana

The Deck – Week 34

I have always been fascinated by the “Kissing Bridges” in the Botanical Gardens, ever since I was a child and saw paintings of it on someone’s wall or prints in the old GTC telephone directories.  These bridges have been photographed and painted for decades and I find it hard to do a current photograph of it, I have tried a few times and never been satisfied with what I came away with.

It may also have to do with the time of day that I’ve tried  🙂  recently it has always been midday, I really should try an early morning or afternoon and see what comes of it.

I was back in there again this week with Nikhil, trying to get his photo for his 365 Project, and there I was faced with the bridge again.  This time, I came away with something that I was happy with, it may not be the iconic images that live on in my memory and on canvas, but I think it speaks for itself.

My photo for the 2010 Deck for the thirty-fourth week of the year:  The Kissing Bridge

Kissing Bridge, Botanical Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana.