The Deck – Week 40

Something has changed… although I am not sure what it is, it has affected my photography, or maybe it has affected how I see my photographs.  I was very disappointed with this last week’s photographs, either I have lost the zeal or I am more critical of the images, or I have simply taken bad images this last week.  Of the one hundred and five images taken over the last week, there was one that I was somewhat pleased with, a location that I had photographed before, but never posted an image of it for The 2010 Deck.

We revisited the Kitty Market Square, and I took this image, I liked it in colour, but I also liked it in monochrome… after some consultation, the monochrome edged out the colour  🙂


Kitty Market Square, October 2010



16 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 40

  1. I think, as an inevitable consequence of what happened to us last week, some of the joy has gone out of photography. It is going to take a while to recover that again. We are both functioning a bit on autopilot. As a result we are choosing less challenging shots and locations. It will come back, but it is a matter of time.

  2. Cecil Beharry

    Hello Michael. As usual, I look forward to receiving your photos. I immediately got drawn to this photo, then I noticed the automobile in the far background and I just wish it wasn’t there. It changed the way I was enjoying the photo. (smile) Still love it though as it is a great shot, but love it a different way now. Thanks Mike. Cecil

  3. Love the image, Michael, it’s really atmospheric, the tone is great,the lone guy in what appears to be a deserted place. Really good. AND, although I’ve always thought your stuff was great anyway, there’s just ‘block’ periods where nothing comes through, nothing feels right or maybe you’re being really critical. Either way, you’re a great photographer so the talent is there inside you already. 🙂

  4. davidsobik

    Hi Michael, yes I too like this image, also like Cecil its a pity that car is in the back ground. Still a cracker of a shot mate!

  5. jusstdesserts

    I suppose it’s a good thing to have high expectations of yourself. And it will only serve to help you improve even further as a photographer.
    You will find your mojo back!

    And oh…
    Great shot as always. 🙂

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