The Deck – Week 36

It wasn’t a very good week for me as photography goes, but of the few good ones I did put aside, I had a hard choice as to which one I would be using for this week’s Deck photo. Β  What I ended up doing was displaying them all on the screen and see which one jumped out at me, whether it was just different because of colour, composition, content, or if it was just very different to what I’ve taken recently, this shot stood out from the rest.

Bora, Merriman's Mall, Bourda.

It is simple, but I like it Β πŸ™‚ Β In Guyana, this is called “Bora”, taken at one of the stalls on Merriman’s Mall by Bourda Market.

5 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 36

  1. One of the problems I think you might be facing is you keep trying to play to your strengths rather than trying to tackle your weaknesses. And that I suspect arises out of the same problem I face, you want to put up a good photo and may not get one if you try something different.

    You are also judging the quality of your photos more harshly that you used to. An inevitable consequence of the improvement of knowledge and skill.

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