The Deck – Week 34

I have always been fascinated by the “Kissing Bridges” in the Botanical Gardens, ever since I was a child and saw paintings of it on someone’s wall or prints in the old GTC telephone directories.  These bridges have been photographed and painted for decades and I find it hard to do a current photograph of it, I have tried a few times and never been satisfied with what I came away with.

It may also have to do with the time of day that I’ve tried  🙂  recently it has always been midday, I really should try an early morning or afternoon and see what comes of it.

I was back in there again this week with Nikhil, trying to get his photo for his 365 Project, and there I was faced with the bridge again.  This time, I came away with something that I was happy with, it may not be the iconic images that live on in my memory and on canvas, but I think it speaks for itself.

My photo for the 2010 Deck for the thirty-fourth week of the year:  The Kissing Bridge

Kissing Bridge, Botanical Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana.

13 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 34

  1. Unfortunately I wasn’t as successful as you were with this outing as regards the Kissing Bridge. This is what I always like with at least 2 of us going out to take photos; you are almost guaranteed that if I don’t get a shot, or a good shot of something the other person will. I did get a nice photo of that branching tree that I’ve never been able to do well before.

  2. Cecil Beharry

    This photograph is the type you find in books and sometimes on the book covers. To me, the photo gives the impression of a very long bridge, but I think that the actual bridge is not as long as it looks in the photograph. It’s the type of photograph that you are compelled to look at over and over and each time appreciating it more and more. Cecil

    1. I love the question. In my (humble) opinion, once I do a black and white there is manipulation…
      The vignette is post-process, and the black and white was adjusted using high structure and an orange filter.
      other than that, no manipulation 🙂

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