The Deck – Week 42

I almost didn’t get to sort out this last week’s photos, and I may have already used my best image for that last post  🙂

This week’s image has a little novelty, a small moon in the background.  While this week’s image may not be too special, today is special for myself and Nikhil, we were both chosen as “Featured Local Photographers” for an event being held by the Demerara Tobacco Company as part of the Dunhill Experience, so a few of our images will be on display at a semi-private event and we are expected to be there to discuss our photography with the guests.  This is a first for me, my fifteen minutes of fame (or shame, if I can’t put two words together correctly).  Wish me luck, I am not too worried about my friend Nikhil, he’s a lawyer, he’s faced worse people  🙂  I think that they will feature other photographers at later events, so we’re like the opening act  🙂

Anyway, here’s the photo of the Susamacher Methodist Church  🙂

14 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 42

  1. For me, the daily photo post isn’t always about the best photo I’ve taken for the day (the week in your case) but the photo that I best want to represent what I feel that day. It has worked out that I usually put the best for the day, but not always.

    Personally, I like yours. I didn’t like mine 🙂

  2. Rose

    Best of luck Mike. I know that you will do well. After all it is a subject you love very much and the times you tried to explain to us folks you did darn well. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

  3. Congratulations!!! And, best of luck!! I love this shot. There’s something that always draws me to a church – maybe it’s the architecture, I don’t know. But, I almost always think they make great photography subjects. Great news!

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