The Deck – Week 41

This week was fairly good as photography goes, I took a lot of photographs, 311 of which I’ve downloaded, the remainder were from a wedding that I was helping my bother Andre out at.

Choosing an image for this week’s deck proved more difficult than I would have thought, but that is mainly because the image I wanted to use, I decided to relegate to another blog-post for tomorrow.  The image I eventually decided upon was chose for the unusual perspective, at least for me, I am usually more of an angular person when it comes to the direction from which I generally point the camera, Nikhil is usually the one who goes for “head-on” views.

I had the Sigma 10-20mm Wide angle lens on my camera, and I thought that the image would look good from a head-on view facing the horizon, unfortunately the shoreline and the horizon were not exactly parallel at this point, but I think I got the image to where I wanted it 🙂

This was taken along the seawall somewhere between Montrose and Le Resouvenir on the East Coast of Demerara.


Moored at Montrose
Moored at Montrose



19 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 41

  1. Unusual perspectives are the best way I have found of telling the story I want to tell. Whether it is getting low, getting high (no pun intended 🙂 or getting close and using a wide angle, you have to be able to visualise what you want your viewers to see.

  2. Ooooooo Mike I LOVE your framing here, always good to take a different perspective, and good call on sticking with colour, too.

  3. In my eyes this works so well because the boats are not glossy modern ones, but ones which portray a life well sailed. Love your perspective.

  4. I love this head-on POV.The very first time I looked at this, what caught my eyes was just the boat frame as it kind of fills the frame. But upon closer look, I see the lovely blue skies and couple other boats nicely placed in this composition. I should say, very well done!

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