2011 Deck – Week 13

Another tough week, one day of actual photography, and even that was “forced”.  Yesterday, another blogger whom I follow, Bob Zeller, posted a blog along the lines of an award for “Versatile Bloggers”.  While I don’t see myself that way I was very honoured to be included in the company of he other bloggers in Bob’s List, if you get a chance check that out, quite impressive.  I will follow this up in my next post;  hopefully, I can be as magnanimous as Bob was  🙂

This week’s Deck photo was originally to be of my Alma Mater, Saint Stanislaus College (a High School actually), but I was more taken by my images of the church that I attend.  They are both on the same street, Brickdam, and Nikhil and I walked it looking for things to photograph.

This is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, seat of the Bishop of Georgetown, His Lordship Francis Alleyne OSB, and is commonly referred to as Brickdam Cathedral.  It is the central church of the Roman Catholic Diocese in Guyana and my parish for all of my life, although I now live outside the geographical area of the parish, we still attend mass there.  It is bordered by Brickdam, Hadfield Street, Camp Street and Pollard Place, the current concrete structure replaced the original wooden structure that was destroyed by fire decades ago.  Although it is not photographed as often as the St George’s Cathedral, it has its own appeal and beauty.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Some people may notice, while others may not, this image, while not a true HDR image (I only used one exposure) was processed in Nik’s HDR Efex to get the most out of both the clouds and the building, I tried to be as subtle as I could without losing the detail that I wanted.

22 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 13

  1. A great picture, Mike. The only thing I would have done different, I think I would have went for a horizontal image. Or cropped to a square one. But that’s just me. But for exposure, etc., you were spot on. 🙂

  2. Rose

    Majestic! Mike this is beautiful. I have seen many pictures of the Cathedral but this is tops. Love the reflection of the blue green roof on the building. The red on the fence section is eye catching. Did a good job on the skies, almost looks as if dark clouds are rising from above the Cathedral. Only thing I would have taken away is the “gutter filled with water”. Now all it needed was some flowers on the trees.

  3. I changed my mind, Michael. Because of the interesting angles that you have, I don’t think a horizontal would work. However, I still would like to see a bit of the sky cropped off. I think it would put more emphasis on the building itself. But that’s just me.

    1. Thanks Bob, I think you’ve found part of the dilemma 🙂 I flipped back and forth between two images of this scene before deciding on this one. I will post the other at a later date, but it is more of a “street” photograph than this one. I think you may be right about the cropped version, but my fascination with skies takes over at points like this 🙂 Always glad for your input, this may well factor into the processing of the next version of this scene 🙂

    1. Thanks Sandra, I would recommend Nik’s HDR Efex Pro, it is by far the best I’ve come across, I also used Mediachance’s Dynmaic HDR and am beta testing Oloneo’s photoengine, you should try it out now in its beta phase (free to use)

  4. davidsobik

    Hi Michael, a great HDR, jumps of the screen! I must get me a copy of Nik HDR, real nice effects for sure with a single exposure.

    Have a great weekend mate!

  5. I think it’s a wonderful photo, Michael. The sky seems almost to be rising from the church and I like the way it curves around the foreground in hints of reflection as if enveloping it.

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