One Year

One year ago, I wrote and posted my first official post on this blog, I am not counting the “Hello World” that Word press starts me off with.  It might seem morbid to some that the first post was about the death of my maternal grandmother, and a photo of the same, but to me it’s not only the scenes that capture our eyes as photographers that may appeal to viewers, but the feelings and emotions that we can convey or arouse from others viewing our work.

One year has passed, and I have had “ups and downs” in blogging, recently a lot of “downs”, time seems to be an elusive creature, and I have not put as much into the blogging or reading blogs as I think I should.  But I think that I have kept up pretty well, and The Deck project certainly gives it some impetus.

Recently there have been other deaths as well, not a good way to celebrate one year of blogging, but it is what it is.  My daughter recently lost one of her teachers from last year, Teacher Gillian, and only this week we lost “Mr. Terrific”, Flavio Commacho, who was very instrumental in the conversion of our system of measurements in Guyana from Imperial to Metric, I remember from when I was a little boy listening to “Swing to Metric” on the radio (yes, radio.  Televisions weren’t quite the thing as yet)

Also this month we lost Sister Rose Magdalene, there is so much to be said for her, and there is a lovely Tribute page on Facebook.  What I remember of Sr Rose is her love for music and pageantry.  She wrote, she sang, she danced, she lived and loved with music in her heart.  I always will remember the special Christmas mass at the old Sacred Heart Church (now burnt down), the traditional readings were replaced by a pageant telling the story of the birth of the Christ child, and at the heart of it all was Sr Rose.  This photo in today’s blog was taken at the memorial mass held in Guyana at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Brickdam Cathedral) for her, the people in it are a few of the members of the Marigold Children’s Choir that she formed many years ago.

This was meant to be a simple (hopefully artistic) photograph, but for me, it has a depth of emotion also.

The music died...

18 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Joan DeFreitas

    I agree with Annie, beautifully said… in both words and picture. Thank you for a year of sharing, I’ve enjoyed reading your musings from time to time. Surely some have broth smiles, and some, a few emotional tears but enjoyment all around.

  2. Rose

    Mike you have been my weekly contact with the country and people of my birth. Over the year your blog has been a constant in my world. I enjoyed your short stories and pictures. You do have a way with words that matches what you see through the lens of your camera. Enjoy what you do and keep doing it with the same passion.

  3. Mike, sorry to hear of all the recent loses. I hope the new “blog year” brings good times.

    I really like this image, the expression on the gentleman’s face (far right) is…speechless. What a wonderful image.

  4. Vanessa Williaams

    life is certainly moving on, your story are a constant reminder that we must hold dear to the things whihc are most important, God , family and friends.

  5. Tricia Yearwood

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog as well. Sneaking a quick read here and there, when chance allows.

    I lost my step-dad last month. It seems now that everything in my life feels more precious having felt such a deep loss in his passing. Perhaps that is the gift that those who love us give to us when they go – the reminder that we are only here for a brief while and we should make the very most of it all.

    And, as always, your photographs make me green with envy. Lol.

    All the best…

    1. Thanks Tricia, you were the inspiration for my blog (well, your blog was…), so Thank You!!! and I know that I have been finding it difficult to find time, but I really miss your photos too, we both need to find time 🙂

  6. Michael, this is an incredible image. I’ve come back to it a few times since the weekend and every time I look at it I see something new and interesting. The emotion on each person’s face, down to the little girl with her head on her hand, to the beautiful, blurred, stained glass cross in the distance. Just a lovely image.

    1. Thanks Jonathon, I had saved this image back for when I had time to properly process it, that day I took only one shot that I though would fall into my “artistic” category, the rest were for recording the event, this one was special. Thanks 🙂

  7. Great Shot Michael. I love the emotion coming off this image. I know what you mean about never finding enough time, It seems to be an ephemeral beast at best. Congrats on blogging through the year!

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