Last week, Bob Zeller, was kind enough to pass along an award that he received, and although it is very reminiscent of a chain letter (which I dislike very much) I thought it different enough that I would “pass it along” myself, It is a recognition of our peers, of the people who we enjoy reading, who influence us, or simply blog about something that interests us enough to keep going back.

I’ve linked to Bob’s site at least once that I can remember, but if you’ve never checked his stuff out, you should.  He mostly has bird photographs and writings about them, but who doesn’t like birds, and Bird Photography is hard!!!  He has some amazing captures and sometimes even more interesting stories about the birds.  Bob is an amazing fellow, a musician, a photographer, a bird watcher who lives with a very serious illness, but his blogs make me feel like just going out there, and enjoy life, as free as a bird. Thanks Bob.

Although the award says “Versatile Blogger”, I don’t read enough blogs with that much versatility, in the content, my blog is about my photography (mainly) and I read blogs mainly about photography, or photography related… well, mostly.  So don’t expect a lot of Versatile bloggers being mentioned, but know that every one that I do mention will be ones I read and appreciate for various reasons, and they will be in no particular order.

Apparently there are rules, so here they are:

1) Thank the person who honored you and give a link to their blog.

2) Tell 7 random facts about yourself.

3) Pass the award to 15 new-found bloggers.

4) Contact each blogger onto whom you pass the award and let them know.

5) Let the giver of the award know you accept it or not.

Random Facts:

(1) Because of my spectacles I got the nickname “Professor” as an altarboy, although I hated it at the time, I eventually adopted it into my online moniker ProfessorMC,

(2) Last year marked ten years of marriage for me, our courtship before marriage also lasted ten years.

(3) I love to play the musical keyboard, I’m terrible at it, but I still like to do it, and I have absolutely no musical training or knowledge

(4) I think I sing better than I play, I do a mean version of “La Bamba” at Karaoke

(5) I like Rum, I think it has a great flavour, so of course, I prefer the best, El Dorado! But that doesn’t mean I snob the rest, after all, how else can I do a comparison?

(6) I work in Computer Graphics at a Sign Company, for which I have no academic qualifications whatsoever

(7) What are my qualifications?  I have a degree in Biology, seriously!

Now for those I want to pass this along to (many of whom may simply ignore it as they have better things to do, like actually taking photographs) 🙂  And if you have received one of these before, just consider it a double award.

(1) Nikhil Ramkarran – Yes, I mention him all the time in my blog, he’s my photo-buddy and a great friend, but the reason he’s here is that he IS a versatile blogger, if it matters to him, he’ll blog about it, and he’s even blogged some of his published articles from Apsara magazine.  The one problem with his blog… he doesn’t blog enough. He has over a hundred images in the Petax Gallery which is Pentax’s showcase (and I don’t think it’s that easy to get images in there)

(2) Steve Thomas – from photographyfree4all, a gifted photographer whom I’ve followed for the last seven months, and see his photography go from good to great, and from simple photography to artistic expression and even Photoshop Art from his photography.  Keep an eye on this one!

(3) Journey Photographic – JP has almost covered the globe it seems, has been to places I could only dream about, and has an astounding collection of Travel photographs (and recently Travel Photography Tips!)  It’s sad that I only know them as JP.

(4) Sasi Suruli – his blog My 3rd Eye has some truly amazing photos, he excels at food photography, makes me hungry every single time, it’s a wonder he isn’t working for some magazine or even the Food network.

(5) Tracy Zhang – has a blog called Just In Time, not only is she travelling and sharing some amazing photos, but she has a unique perspective on the places she visits and her photographic style is unusual bit immensely captivating

(6) Simon – aka Dark Halide, although I am not a Street Photographer, there is something about his photos that has kept me intrigued, I just keep going back to see what he has next.

(7) Michael Bonocore – an amazing diversity in his photography, but what I really liked was what he said: “If my clothes, camera and tripod aren’t dirty, then I’m not trying hard enough”, I’m obviously not trying hard enough, but this guy is inspirational.

(8) Roberto Vega Peralta – a combination of photos and thoughts that really works on my very imaginative brain

(9) Sheila Creighton – A persistence in photography that is admirable, Sheila sees things that I would miss, and makes art out of it  🙂

(10) David Sobik – Hands down, some of the best wedding photography I’ve seen, innovative and unusual, don’t even begin to cover it, but even forgetting the wedding stuff, his perspective on photography begs you to look twice.

(11) Brian Stevenson – Funky Slug, a photographer with a great sense of humour, but his images are awesome, sometimes inspiring, sometimes daunting, but always captivating!

(12) David Williams – Quite an impressive array of images, everything from studio type images to outdoor HDRs (which I really like, I have a weakness there), and now even his daughter is into it with her own blog, aptly titled Cait’s POV

(13) Mike – Tau Zero.  If I ever wanted proof that I need to get out more, this was it, other than the amazing scenery, he has a habit of getting birds to do exactly what he wants.

(14) Laura Tinker – Tinkerbelle.  Light-hearted and usually nothing to do with photography, but all about putting a smile on your face.  I only recently started following, but enjoying all of it so far.

(15) Sarah and James Broscombe – I’m sorry to group them but I only have 15 slots, Sarah currently writes the “Six Word Story” telling a story in 6 words, difficult, but Sarah has a way with words, although I must admit I preferred when she wrote 600 (almost) in her blog “Sarah in South America”.  James is an amazing photographer who makes it look so very easy, he currently writes (if he gets a chance) in “Making Pictures Pay”, but I was introduced to him through hi older blog (when he and Sarah were in South America) A picture each day 2009 – 2010, an amazing look at Guyana and it’s remote areas.

(16) Cindy – Like Bob, I can’t just stick to the 15, I had to add one more and then some… Cindy is last but certainly not least…  her photos and writings have to be experienced, I can’t even begin to describe them please check her out.

Although I only had 15 spots, I hope that others won’t feel left out, I have found that each blog I follow and comment on has something to show me, something to teach me, and something that makes me think to myself “that’s interesting, now I wonder…”   There are those who I am new to, those who don’t blog as often, and those who didn’t make the list simply because I’d need to go for another 15 people  🙂  I think that if you check some of these out you’ll see others popping up as commentors, who should have been mentioned, like Nigel, Cheryl, Martina, Christos, Kim, Jolene, Sandra, Jonathon and many others.  I’d have loved to include Tricia in that list of 15, since her blog inspired me to start my own, but she is one who is very guilty of not posting 🙂

Now since this is my blog and since it’s about my photography I can’t conclude without including a photograph 🙂  Enjoy, and I hope you continue to appreciate the other bloggers and readers who make all of this fun!

This one was taken with the Sigma 10-20 Ultra-wide lens, processed to monochrome using Nik HDR Efex to retain that trunk detail, it’s a single image, so not what I truly consider an HDR, just tone-mapped slightly.

26 thoughts on “Award

  1. Thanks,Michael, for all those kind words and the link. I agree with you, that this Award thingee was a lot like a chain letter, and I, too, despise them. But in this case, I hated to let Holly down after she sent me hers. But on the other hand, it is nice to see all those other blogs that you have linked to, and I intend to check them all out. I like your photograph that you tone-mapped.

    1. Thanks Bob, that’s the good thing about it, I was impressed with your list, and it gives others an idea of what we look at and read. Originally I tone mapped it in colour but thought that monochrome captured the idea better.

  2. Woot! I made it to your list and thanks for the plug/nomination. I am really honored to be on your list of “The Versatile Blogger”.

    Now, I need to send ProfessorMC my biology question(s) 😉

    1. You are most welcome Sasi, I know many of the others (like yourself) have a following already, so I am probably not adding much to those who already visit you, but I think your work should be seen and appreciated! and everything I said is truth! where food photography is concerned, you are among the best I’ve seen!

  3. Thanks Mike… not sure how to interpret “A persistence in photography that is admirable.” I follow some of these blogs you mention but will check out the ones I do not.
    cheers ( a big rum drink.. lol),

    1. Sheila, I often take photos of a subject and when the opportunity arises to do something of a similar nature, I think to myself “I’ve done that” and never bother to try, I’ve seen you go after subjects with a ferocity that is admirable, each time coming away with something different and casting a new appeal. It is something I’ve learnt from you, to always look at things with a fresh eye. I hope I can 🙂

      1. glad I asked, that is not what I had first thought you meant!!… yes I am the queen of “Fresh Eyes” – one of my mantras, especially with people (to a fault I’m told but that’s a whole different story).. funny you should say this because just yesterday I was photographing some tulips and thought ‘oh come on, how many tulip images can one take’ and then I really saw the softness of the light on the pink petal and knew I had never captured that bit of feeling in all my tulip images so I got out the tripod and experimented… just can’t help myself. Thanks Mike, it is nice of you to notice.

  4. Congrads to your award. I love your looking upward photo included here. It was nice of you to add my name on your posting. Thanks. I have also found that many photographers have studied something completely different and are very good at using their natural talents. You don’t need any academic experience in most cases. 😉

    1. Thanks Martina, I enjoy following all of the ones I mentioned and more… Everyone has a different perspective on things and it opens my eyes to different things. I am really looking forward to the writings and photos of all my friends here on the blogosphere 🙂
      Now if I could only find more time in the day!

    1. Thanks Sandra, I am so glad Nikhil put me on to your work as well, I am thoroughly enjoying it. For a photo I overlooked initially, it turned out very good, I was surprised that all I had to do was look at it with a different “eye” and begin the processing to see the beauty of the shot come through.

  5. davidsobik

    Wow thanks for the very kind comments mate! I have been a bit quite, doing the “real” part of wedding photography, the albums! But will be back in the swing of things with new images very soon.

    Keep up your great work as well.


  6. Thank you, Michael. I am honoured to be included in your list. I will enjoy doing some serious blog surfing from your list this weekend. I do wish I had more time for this passtime, I learn so much and am always inspired by others’ vision.

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