Normally on a Friday, I post the newest photo for the Deck Project, but I will have to post that tomorrow.  This is my one-hundredth post since starting this blog, so I was looking for something special to do to mark it.

I decided to go through the photos that I’ve taken since using this current camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, and I found three images that I thought would mark the occasion nicely.

Firstly, an image taken on the one-hundredth day of 2010, I only took photos on one subject that day, so I had to choose one from those, and one that I had not already uploaded.  I may never see Washington DC (especially when the Cherry Blossoms are blooming) so this tree is our Guyanese version  🙂

Secondly, the one-hundredth photograph, or more specifically the one-hundredth shutter-activation of the T1i.  This was from a project I did for Banks DIH, they were soon to open the new fine-dining restaurant and bar now known as OMG!  This scene is from inside the restaurant,  This is among the first experiences I’ve had with a Digital SLR camera.

Thirdly, I had reached and surpassed nine-thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine shutter actuations on the camera, and the numbering had started over, so the next photo is the second one hundredth image by number on the camera, so technically it’s the ten thousand and one hundredth image.

I started this blog with a post called “Before Our God”, with an image taken at the funeral of my maternal grand-mother, coincidentally on the one-hundredth post, an image from that same day is numbered 100.

For all those who have gone before us, those with us and those to come after us, most of us eventually realize that photography is more than just clicking the shutter-release button, it’s about the Moment, the Memory and the Meaning of the scene you have captured.



I recently put this image on Flickr, and I got some favourable responses, and because I haven’t blogged in a few days I thought I should put it here as well 🙂

I was sitting in the vehicle waiting for my wife to finish up in a Supermarket on Regent Street, I was reading on my phone (at this time it was “The Witching Hour” by Anne Rice), and in my peripheral vision I say some movement in the distance.  Yes, it’s a busy street, but I’m sure you get my point.

His name is probably not Compton, but amidst the multitude of things adorning his attire is a name-tag proclaiming him to be Compton.  He is a colourful character, and you seldom see past the spectrum of colours, the purposeful stride and the “insane” air about him.

I hurriedly put the phone down, reached into the back-seat for the camera, and quickly composed and clicked to get my shot.  I had to wait two seconds while the camera took the shot since I had forgotten to reset the timer from the previous night, so he is two seconds out-of-focus.



The Parallel Project – Cross Polarization

I say cross-polarization and people ask me about bees and plants, its polarization not pollination!  Yet, I do miss those bees and the flowers shots, I must go hunting soon!

This week’s experiment is in cross-polarization.  If you’ve even wore polarized sunglasses (and I haven’t because I wear spectacles already), you might have seen strange patterns on car windshields, the polarised sunglasses are revealing areas of the glass that was put under stress during the manufacturing process, the patterns resulting when using the polarised sunglasses are a phenomenon known as “birefringence”.

The important part of all this is that the results have a very cool effect when combining a polarised filter on the camera with a polarised light source through a transparent material that has gone through a stress-related manufacturing process.

Just for experimentation, I’ve used a transparent plastic ruler.


Using The Rule - Cross-polarisation, 1/10s, f/5.6, ISO 200, 218mm, CPL filter

Twilight Convergence

It’s not what I was looking for, but sometimes you have to use what you have and not wish for what isn’t there 🙂  I have been looking in my rear view mirror on my way home every evening for that nice twilight glow, the sunset that has left variations in colour in the sky and the winds that have left scattered clouds or wispy clouds that add that little extra “umph” to the scene.  Well, this isn’t it, but I decided to try a few long exposures and while I was at it, an HDR  🙂

I woke early this morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I came in to process this early, in a standard photograph you wouldn’t see anything in the foreground, but in this HDR quite a bit can be seen, the sky is lighter than the actual scene. but that’s because of the HDR processing, I think it balanced the scene out nicely.


Twilight Convergence - 3 image HDR, 2 stops apart. f/4, ISO 200, 10mm

2011 Deck – Week 2

This last week I took quite a number of photos, and the choice for the image for the deck was a little more difficult.  In the end it came down to a choice of several from the Trip out west that Nikhil, Naseem and I took last weekend.

I will eventually process all my favourites from that trip and load up an album, but for now I will just give you the one I chose for the 2011 Deck as well  🙂

Of all the water crafts that were at the conservancy, one in particular caught my attention, it was a tug-boat (I think they’re called that), it was  quite distinctive from the other shallow boats and canoes on the water, and definitely more appealing than the barge that was moored nearby  🙂  It reminded me of cartoons I watched as a child, and I fully expected to see either Bluto or Popeye on deck!





Cocktail Umbrellas

Going through some stuff from last year and came across this one, I thought I had uploaded it before, but apparently I hadn’t  🙂

These were nicely arranged on a table that was otherwise filled with plates and condiments of all sorts, and, of course, the birthday cake.

I am still not entirely sure what it was about the arrangement that I liked, except the obvious plethora of colours, that is.  I think everyone likes these little umbrellas, one in your ice-cold drink makes you feel special  🙂

They always look so delicate, a parasol made of paper and cardboard with a toothpick handle, always brightly coloured, sometimes patterned, lending an airy feel as you look at your drink, a feeling of the exotic, as if you should be on a sandy beach, with blue skies above, blue waters to swim in, and some sort of soft Asian or Indian music filtering through the nearby trees to buoy the soul.


Cocktail Umbrellas

A Touch of Colour

I often remark to Nikhil that he should start a collection called “A Touch of Colour”, or in his case “A Touch of Red”.  He usually finds these scenes where there is one item of colour, usually red, that stands out in his compositions 🙂

While processing these two images I remembered what I so frequently tell him and decided to title this blog-post with this same concept.

The first image is an image that has been selectively desaturated to emphasize the Red, the processing is unusual for me but I rather liked how it turned out this time.


Red Cap - selective desaturation

The second image was not treated in the same way, it was of some gaily coloured flowers against an old almost colourless background, I went close with my zoom lens and worked to get some nice bokeh from the background.