2011 Deck – Week 2

This last week I took quite a number of photos, and the choice for the image for the deck was a little more difficult.  In the end it came down to a choice of several from the Trip out west that Nikhil, Naseem and I took last weekend.

I will eventually process all my favourites from that trip and load up an album, but for now I will just give you the one I chose for the 2011 Deck as well  🙂

Of all the water crafts that were at the conservancy, one in particular caught my attention, it was a tug-boat (I think they’re called that), it was  quite distinctive from the other shallow boats and canoes on the water, and definitely more appealing than the barge that was moored nearby  🙂  It reminded me of cartoons I watched as a child, and I fully expected to see either Bluto or Popeye on deck!





14 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 2

  1. cecil beharry

    Hi Miike
    I love this photo. I am thinking how the sky and clouds are so clear/bright and the boat, the river and the background beach so overcast
    I am thinking of the calm before the storm
    Maybe that’s because I am so accustomed to hurricanes in Jamaica
    kind regards

    1. Thanks Cecil, I know what you mean about the calm before the storm 🙂
      I was pointing the camera roughly north-west, and that area was still a bit bright. Also the conservancy water is “red” like out creek-waters, giving that dark appearance.

  2. Naseem

    Nice one – somehow the scene seems not quite idyllic and slightly business like… For me it’s a reminder that every scene/area/photo captures something from someone’s life and that that life is all around us if we only look for it… Someone has to go to work in that boat – ever wonder what their life might be like?

    (I just had breakfast and am in a contemplative mood :-))

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