The Parallel Project – Creative White Balance

I’ve been considering a parallel project to this year’s 2011 Deck Project, but I am still not sure if I am going to go through with it.  It was my thought to experiment with different techniques and use the results from those experiments to do the project.

In the event that I do go through with it, this would have been my first image for it  🙂

It uses the idea of using a “wrong” white balance for a scene, to give a different temperature impression, usually to give the “right” impression.

When I was at the wall the place was very cool, breeze blowing in off the ocean, and the rain clouds scattered across the sky, with some blue showing.  The sun was beginning to set and was casting a few (not many) warm colours on the eastern clouds.  To give the cooler impression the white balance was adjusted to give a cooler or “bluer” image.  In the old days this was called “camera tricks”, but it gives the “feel” of the scenery and sometimes that is what is important  🙂


Cool Afternoon

11 thoughts on “The Parallel Project – Creative White Balance

  1. There is no need to apologise for artistic expression. I think you are being particularly unfair to yourself if you think of these things as “camera tricks”. What you are doing is showing people what you felt at that moment.

    Any monkey can press a button, and if you want a photocopy of the world around you, you don’t need a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of camera equipment and you don’t need to make the effort to express a mood by making a special effort to go out and take photos.

    Just get a video camera, record everything going on and selectively extract frames.

  2. Michael, there are no camera tricks. What you are doing is all a part of the creative process. An oil painter can look at a scene and use the colors he wants or alter the scene anyway he wants. We do the same, except the camera is our tool. We, like the painter, use artistic license. It is the end result that matters. Nothing be be apologetic for. That is a very beautiful photo, by the way. I love it.


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