The Branching Tree

OK, most trees branch, I know.  But I had a difficult time coming up with a title for the photo, and this one seemed appropriate somehow.

This is a tree on the northern side of The National Park, towards the Carifesta Avenue side.  It possibly fell and continued to grow, growing across the waterway and then branching upwards and out.  It creates a nice shady area, on this overcast day, there was very little light under the tree’s canopy, and I thought that an HDR would be a nice idea, I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I had to hand-hold the camera for the exposures.  The re-alignment didn’t come out spot-on, but it has a softness to the image that I liked.

I’ve had this one since last September to process and finally got around to it, I did no pre-processing in Lightroom, simply carried it into HDR Efex Pro and did the merging there, then a slight crop and rotate in Lightroom, then some saturation shifts and clarity adjustments to finish it off.

It is not a spectacular HDR, but it was geared towards revealing more detail in a very gloomy area  🙂


The Branching Tree
The Branching Tree: 3 image HDR

12 thoughts on “The Branching Tree

  1. It’s a great scene which you did really well your way. I wish I could come up with a way to do it my way now. I think I have uploaded a couple shots of it, but none I’m really happy with. Nicely done.

  2. Cynthia Preston

    One of Natures bridges! The light and the texture of the water give it a slightly threatening mood. Your angle gives the tree as a route to a brighter place!
    Nice story telling!

  3. Michael, I love this tree. They are a favorite subject of mine. You have captured this one well with such a great angle. We as photographers are much too critical of ourselves and not so easily satisfied. I think the photo is superb with the contrast in colors.

  4. Rose

    Read your post the day you sent it out and did not have the time to comment then. I am still looking for the main trunk. It looks more as if it was growing from inside the water way. NIce to hang in a doctors Office. Gives some thing else to thing about rather than what ever you are suffering from. Very Beautiful.

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