Pony Ride

As I am going through some of the photos from last year I am finding images I like and never processed.  This one was not the sharpest of the batch, but I liked the overall “feel”, the DoF and the smile on my daughter’s face  🙂


Pony Ride

20 thoughts on “Pony Ride

  1. I agree 100% with Journey, sharpness is a component but not the most important in deciding whether an image is good or not. Miriam looks so joyful that she makes the photo work no matter its other attributes. How on earth could you only have now decided this is worth processing?

  2. I also agree with the above posters. I’ve been working on a few photos of my granddaughters that are not particularly sharp, but show ‘the moment’ so well that I’ve decided they’re worth working on. My problem is getting past the subjective and trying to see them critically, since I think my girls are always just beautiful! 🙂

    You, on the other hand have done this well here. It’s a wonderful photograph: full of joy, action and beauty. Tonally also it’s very dynamic and the subject jumps from the background.

  3. davidsobik

    Great capture Michael! Not only a great expression on your daughters face but the whole image comes together. Rule of thirds nicely shown.


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