A Touch of Colour

I often remark to Nikhil that he should start a collection called “A Touch of Colour”, or in his case “A Touch of Red”.  He usually finds these scenes where there is one item of colour, usually red, that stands out in his compositions 🙂

While processing these two images I remembered what I so frequently tell him and decided to title this blog-post with this same concept.

The first image is an image that has been selectively desaturated to emphasize the Red, the processing is unusual for me but I rather liked how it turned out this time.


Red Cap - selective desaturation

The second image was not treated in the same way, it was of some gaily coloured flowers against an old almost colourless background, I went close with my zoom lens and worked to get some nice bokeh from the background.



18 thoughts on “A Touch of Colour

  1. nicely done Mikey. I remember seeing this done years ago and wanted to learn how to do it. So many ways to do it now. Seeing the cat-tails brings back memories.

    1. JP, I couldn’t agree more, to each his own. I have often found that my photography crosses such a wide swath of the art, that I have lots of photos that never please everyone, but there are usually some who will like it 🙂

  2. I love your motto Mike…I may have to borrow that! 😀 Having said that, I prefer the second photo, the flow seems to work better for me (perhaps the red distracts me a tad too much). Either way, well done.

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