Cocktail Umbrellas

Going through some stuff from last year and came across this one, I thought I had uploaded it before, but apparently I hadn’t  🙂

These were nicely arranged on a table that was otherwise filled with plates and condiments of all sorts, and, of course, the birthday cake.

I am still not entirely sure what it was about the arrangement that I liked, except the obvious plethora of colours, that is.  I think everyone likes these little umbrellas, one in your ice-cold drink makes you feel special  🙂

They always look so delicate, a parasol made of paper and cardboard with a toothpick handle, always brightly coloured, sometimes patterned, lending an airy feel as you look at your drink, a feeling of the exotic, as if you should be on a sandy beach, with blue skies above, blue waters to swim in, and some sort of soft Asian or Indian music filtering through the nearby trees to buoy the soul.


Cocktail Umbrellas

14 thoughts on “Cocktail Umbrellas

  1. This picture and your post really make me want to be on a warm beach somewhere, siipping on a fruity drink with one of those fun umbrellas in it. Maybe if I close my eyes I can pretend? 🙂

    I love how colorful this shot is!

  2. cecil beharry

    Hi Michael. The photo is beautiful. It brings back memories of wonderful times and beautful people on my journey thru life

    Warm regards

  3. davidsobik

    Deck chair, warm sun and a drink with a umbrella in it! Thats the life…

    Good work mate and great post I think you have stirred up lots of imagination.

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