A fascination with skies

An Afternoon Swim


Many of my favourite images have had some amount of sky in it, I usually get very “miffed” when shooting landscape or even people and building shots and the sky is just a drab gray, I like blue skies, plain blue, hues of blue, I just really like blue skies, if there are errant clouds then all the better, but a sky fully covered with clouds usually gets to me,  I found a way to deal with that over time, I look for a good scene that will process better as a monochromatic image.


Fibre in the Sand

While I have gotten better at that, I still like the blue, and I like dramatic skies, streaming clouds, or clouds spotting the vista to the horizon.  The last Deck photo was taken on a day that had a nice variation of clouds in the sky, and I got a few others that I thought were worth sharing.

These were taken with the full intent of getting as much out of the sky as possible while still retaining some foreground interest.  All were taken with the Sigma 10-20 Ultrawide Lens.  I hope you like one or all  🙂

The temptation to render any of the three images into monochrome was great, but I resisted, barely. I felt that the colours in the sky and the foreground were more truly representative of the “feel” of the afternoon, than a monochrome would express, although I think I could probably have gotten more drama out of the images in monochrome  🙂

Inland Bound

Click on the images to see them larger in the Gallery, I think I may have to print the one title “Inland Bound” larger for better scrutiny myself 🙂

21 thoughts on “A fascination with skies

  1. I can’t tell you how much I like gray, threatening skies 🙂 Blue skies are great, but thunder-stormy clouds really get me going. The absolute best though is when you still got bright sunlight coming from the east or west, with heavy storm clouds in the direction opposite the sun. Glad you had such a productive outing, Kingston is always good for at least one good shot (usually many more).

  2. You’re not the only one who HAS to have a sky of some quality before they break out the camera… but I have to confess that plain blue never really hits the spot with me… I always want a spattering of cloudage in there too… but I agree on the flat grey, although it is VERY easy to replace a flat grey sky in photoshop with a sky that is altogether more appealing, but then we return to the whole “edit or not” argument… lol…

    1. Thanks Brian, I must admit that it never is just plain blue, but I think my few trips into the interiors of Guyana has spoilt me, many times you’d look to the Horizon and there’s just a great expanse of sky, with a few clouds 🙂 I think I’ll leave out the editing for now, that’s what’s now being called “photo-illustration” rather than photography 🙂

  3. eremophila

    The last one, Inland Bound, really appeals to me in the way that the sky seems to repeat the formation of the shoreline. Very nice!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous skies! Thank you for the blue ones. We haven’t had blue skies here in a very long time. Just dull grey – not even dramatic just dull. I like all three of them. I think my favorite is “An afternoon swim” The direction of the clouds just seem to pull the viewer in.

    1. Thanks Sandra, I am not sure how long I would be able to go without seeing the actual sky :-). I put all three not only because I like them but I find that each viewer has their own likes and dislikes and what would appeal to one may not appeal to another 🙂

  5. Man Mike, you would so dislike it here in Seattle! It really seems like all we have are cloudy days (which is a great thing for me since I love the clouds in images). 🙂 I really like the last image, nice range in colour and the tanker adds a nice little touch! 😛

    1. Thanks David (Williams), I think clouds with contrast and form work well in photographs, its the flat gray that gets me down, but I’ve heard that I may not make it in places like Seattle, must be the “Caribbean” in me 🙂

  6. Of course your fascinating skies are always fascinating to me! I do admire your sky shots. I ordered your prints because of the dramatic skies in them. I see that I may need to get a print of that “Inland Bound” sky too. That one really keeps me looking back at it. They are all awesome!

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  8. 3rd shot is my favorite.
    Love the blue sky sky along with the thick pillow like clouds. There seems to be nice depth in this shot with the far away ship and the sandy beach.

    It’s been quite some time now since I have been a beach now..should be more that 6+ years now…sigh. Makes me want to go to a beach now 😉

  9. My whole world right now is monochrome with everything flat-gray frosted and snowcovered. So I am probably unreasonably attracted to colour today. These are really lovely – beautifully composed and the softly contrasting colours of the skies and beach are very soothing. I especially love the second one with that wonderfully wavy bit of netting (?) leading in.

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