2011 Deck – Week 10

Only one day of shooting photos this week, terrible!  But I did get a very nice one (at least one), and it is somewhat in keeping with my last post “A fascination with skies”.

Both Nik and I needed to get out and get something, as the week had progressed without much photography being done, it was raining and we thought that we might have to abandon the idea (at least for me, since the camera wasn’t going to handle the rain too well), but as we drove the rain eased for a bit and we decided to stop at the Koker at Ogle and see what was there for the offering.

A good thing we decided to stop, I got a few and I am sure Nik got more than I did  :-), and as we headed back to “town” the rains decided that we’d had enough of a break and continued its work.

I hope you like this one, it’s another “seawall” shot, and another monochrome 🙂


Overcast at Ogle

Click on the image for a better view in the Gallery.

15 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 10

  1. While the rain pours we are going through a dry spell (well if you counting in quantity and not quality). If you got only one good shot that I will agree I got more, but I think you will find that your one good shot is rather better than any (or all) of the 4 that I got 🙂

  2. davidsobik

    Michael your punchy sky shots are brilliant! Love the line of the posts in the water. Great image!

    Cheers mate have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks David (Sobik), those mooring posts always make for a great reference in a shot there, I think I have to learn how to NOT make the skies so “punchy” as you put it 🙂 there is beauty in softer skies too 🙂

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