2011 Deck – Week 9

This week I almost didn’t have anything to upload, and I almost went for Sasi’s idea of using the eggs 🙂  Fortunately, Nikhil had a desire to go check out the Kingston Promenade again, so we took a few minutes and went.

I started out with my Tamron telephoto lens but quickly switched to the ultra-wide Sigma 10-20, I had noticed the skies were nice, some clouds, some patches of blue showing, some streaky areas, and some heavily clouded areas, so I thought something good can come of that.

I got a few keepers from the shoot, but this one stands out, somehow a coconut got wedged or nestled into the hollow of a tree trunk on the beach… Nature’s “hole-in-one” 🙂

Click on the image for a larger viewing in the Gallery.

22 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 9

  1. Andrew

    Really cool! When people say Man is destroying the Earth, Man isn’t even close to the chaos Mother Nature can do. We burn some fossil fuel and create a haze in the sky, Mother Nature erupts the Ice Land volcano and shuts down the sky. So again, Mother Nature….

  2. You must give compliments to mother nature for such great placement! 😛 How do you like the Nik Silver EFex, I was thinking about checking that one out or perhaps the HDR one. Thanx for any input.

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