The Boat and The Sky

I was about to title this post “The Monkey and The Camera”, because Nikhil might have been right about that day at La Bonne Intention, a monkey with a camera may well have managed to take a good photograph.

In hindsight, I really should have switch to my ultra-wide lens earlier that day, but even with the Tamron 18-270 mounted on the camera, I still got wide enough to capture the truly “awesome” sky that was prevalent at the time.

I’ll let this photo speak for itself. (Click to see larger)


Boat and Sky.

28 thoughts on “The Boat and The Sky

  1. I’m with Fidal – “WOW!” That’s what I said anyway! 🙂 It is truly a beautiful photo. If I may … a little dodge on the bottom center-left and along the stern of the boat will, I think, make it pop even a bit more. I can’t see any contrast where the boat touches the water. Then again, it may just be my display that is rendering it dark. 😀

  2. I am glad to see you finally get around to processing those photos. I was sure (and I was right) that your photos are equally as good as mine. Not to lessen the skill of being in the right place at the right time but I really do believe that anyone there would have gotten good photos, and clearly you did too.

    1. Thanks Michael B, I shoot a Canon, more from familiarity than a choice of features, I am comfortable with it 🙂 It’s quite something when we used to go out, I had a Canon, my brother a Nikon, and my two regular photo-friends had Pentax and Panasonic 🙂

  3. “ooooh oohhh aaaah aaahhhh”, monkey talk for “sweet shot Mike!!” Okay, that was rather lame but someone had to do it, I don’t mind throwing myself under the bus! In all seriousness, great job and I wouldn’t worry about not using a wider lens, this worked out perfectly! 😀

  4. Naseem

    Excellent shot – don’t compare it to Nik’s – it’s different and will stand on its own anytime… Plus anything with a boat and water will win me over 🙂

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