2011 Deck – Week 6

Strange enough I had a totally different image in mind for this week’s Deck Photo, I hadn’t processed the images as yet, but I had sorted out in my mind the images I had taken and had somewhat settled on a particular image.  On importing the photos into Lightroom, I saw one that I had dismissed mentally, it was taken hastily and I did not think that I had captured what I wanted.  As I looked at it I realised that it had some merit, and as I processed the image it grew on me to the point that I haven’t bothered to process the rest until I finish this blog post  🙂

It was a nice lazy afternoon at Good Hope on the East Coast of Demerara, and I was probably on my fourth Cuba Libre, and I saw them coming down the street, barely time to put down my glass (carefully), go for my camera bag, take out the camera, frame up and shoot.  There was no second take, just the one shot.


12 Legs, 4 Heads, 4 Wheels and a Bucket

18 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 6

  1. Good thing you had time to put your glass down and get a great shot. It’s great that it came out so well. Think of all the time you saved in having to decide which to choose and all the storage space too. 😉 We should all be so lucky.

  2. “12 Legs, 4 Heads, 4 Wheels and a Bucket” Love it! It’s funny how the shot we tend to like the most is either the last shot of the day or that one shot where there’s only time for one! Great image Mike.

  3. Naseem

    Definitely iconic… There are lots of scenes that are part of the background of country life…. However, unless someone isolates it some way in order to draw attention (like capturing it in a photo) then it might never be “seen”… Nice work Mike…

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