Not really my thing…

Having a photo buddy is good, being in the company of other photographers is even better, you pick up things, learn a few tricks and see things from different points of view.  Often enough, whenever Nikhil and I are out on a photo-walk, I will see him suddenly divert and take aim at something, and out of my mouth would pop a phrase like “the bike and the tree, eh?” or “the pattern of leaves”, or “the red block and the white blocks caught your eye”.

I am usually right, and I admit that I saw what caught his eye (either before or at the time), I see what it is, I see that there’s a photographic opportunity, but most times, I don’t see the composition that he sees.  I’ve come to the conclusion that , at least for now, it’s just not really my thing.  He does a marvelous job on those patterns and juxtapositions, on odd combinations of subjects, I don’t “see it” as he does, and that’s fine, if we all saw things the same way, there’s be nothing special in any of our photographs.  I think that photographers understand to a good extent what I mean, but the regular Joe, or photo-tekker-outer, or snapshot artist, may not.  It’s like Street Photography, there’s an art to it that not everybody gets, certainly not me, and I’ve tried some before and may try more in the future.  A good photograph can tell a story in just one scene, the problem I see these days is that not everyone can read 🙂 and even less of us are good story-tellers.

This one is a good example, I saw it, I noticed things like the contrast in colours, the symmetry/non-symmetry, the textures, the geometry, but I wasn’t inspired to take it, I just wanted to do it to see what I could come up with if I pushed myself.  I know that in some circle it has merit, but I just can’t bring myself to say it’s a good shot.  🙂



18 thoughts on “Not really my thing…

  1. Okay, Michael. This is GOOD!! I think even Nikhil would envy you for this shot. It has an abstract feel to it. A real artsy print that I could picture hanging in a gallery. I love the pattern and contrasting colors. If you were to put it up for sale, somebody would buy it.

    But you must learn to do what YOU like to do. Forget about worrying what other people think. As you say, street photography isn’t for everyone. It took me awhile to realize that my forte is wildlife. I enjoy landscapes but for some reason, mine don’t measure up to what I see. I can’t seem to capture what is in my mind.


    1. Thanks Bob, I actually hope Nik agrees with you! Composition-wise I like it, but I wasn’t as happy with it as I am with scenic landscapes etc 🙂 I think I know the basic technical aspects of photography a bit and I have a some of the composition down. Thanks for the encouraging words Bob!

  2. Bob’s got it right. That’s a great shot, perfectly composed. I’m quite envious that I’ve spent so much time on that building and never got anything that good. Maybe you are better at my type of photography than I am, and since I can’t do your type, LAY OFF!

    Seriously though, if you do them this nicely, you should try more often. Just to get a better feel for it.

  3. Cecil Beharry

    Hi Michael
    I agree with Bob. If you put it up for sale, someone will buy it. It is an attention grabber for sure. Very nice photo

  4. Lol, well I like the shot. What I like about it is how the red stands out in comparison to the gray around it. The textures are both very different and very cool too. I also like the straight lines that are broken up by the red bricks. Very nice seeing and capture.

    I have a couple of good photo buddies that I go shooting with from time to time and it always amazes me how we will all come back with such different perspectives of the same subjects throughout the shooting day. For me, that’s the fun and exciting part about photography, we each bring our own thoughts, background, experiences, and perspective to each shot we take.

  5. Cynthia

    Meh! as my daughters would say, maybe a different time of day.
    I do agree however that its good to stretch oneself by attempting things you would normally do.

    Sometimes just going back to the same thing over and over different light, angle, maybe taking a bunch of flowers or leaves, , and shoving them into the slots, or just when your in a different mood…..I think though if you have to try too hard, its just not talking to you , and if its not talking to you its not talking to me, for sure!

  6. Rose

    Abstract was never my thing and this does not help. I need more out of my picture. Love your other works please do not go down this road. Just not you. Be proud and be you. 🙂

    1. Thanks Martina, I never really realized I had a style, but I know when I am not “comfortable with a particular type of photography”, and while people who like this style may say its good, I am not yet comfortable with it 🙂

  7. I like it. That said, there’s no pressure to move down this type of photography if it doesn’t speak to you.

    My personal style fluctuates all the time, depending on my mood and what’s in front of my lens. I refuse to see this as a bad thing 🙂

  8. While I like the repeating patterns as well as the colour, I have never been much of a head on shot when it comes to subjects such as this. I think a lot of us out there have the same issue with “style”, I know I feel the same way Mike and you know, that’s absolutely fine with me!! 😀

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