The Deck – Week 50

After three successive monochrome postings for the Deck project, I decided this week, that regardless of what the weather was like I wanted a coloured image,and I finally got something in keeping with the season, Demerara Mutual Insurance company lit up their building very nicely, and I took a few images at night to try and capture the spiritΒ  πŸ™‚

Here’s the resulting image.Β  Demerara Mutual has it’s main office on Avenue of the Republic in Central Georgetown, to the right of the photo, you can even see a portion of City Hall.


Demerara Mutual - Christmas 2010

13 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 50

  1. Cecil Beharry

    Hi Michael
    As usual, this photograph is in keeping with your usual high standard
    Christmas is my very special time of year and this photograph of a section of Georgetown, so beautifully caught on your lens, adds to the joy which the season brings to my memories
    Warm regards

  2. Rose

    Beautiful shot. Hope all the heat from the bulbs does not cause it to burn. Brought back memories of the mid to late 60’s when every building in Georgetown or should I say that area tried to outdo the other with the lights.

  3. Lovely, Michael. I love what the reflections do for the composition. I hope you as well have some holidays coming – I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks off work. Either way, I wish you the best for the New Year.

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