The Deck – Week 49

This week sees a continuation of the monochromatic trend of late, but instead of just a straight BW, I went for a sepia with a vignette.  It was on one of those walks with Nikhil, while looking for his Photo for his 365, and even though these waterways have been done, and over-done, I thought I’d give it a try, with the over-cast sky and perpetuating gloom of the afternoon this was pre-destined to be a monochromatic photograph.

After minimal processing in Lightroom, I did the monochromatic rendition in Nik Silver Efex, it came out rather nicely.


Yonder Bridge

15 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 49

  1. I love the old fashioned daguerreotype feel you get from this processing. Its perfect for the scene. Tight week again and another one next week too. We are going to have to make a special effort the following week to get some good stuff for Christmas.

  2. Very nice Michael. I love that antique feel. I just received a present of Photoshop CS5 and have just started to figure it out. I plan on trying the HDR there first.

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