2013 Deck – Week 10

My priorities in life must most definitely be askew, since I seem to have less time for photography than ever before…  But even if I have to take a photo of the same thing every week, I will finish this project  🙂

As I was driving along the seawall, I noticed the white-capped waves as they rushed to shore and thought to just stop and catch a few.  It was a bright afternoon, but lacking any fancy filters or gadgetry I thought that I’d just bring out the focus of my intent in post-processing.

I used an orange filter in Post-processing to deepen the hue of the sky and emphasize the white caps of the waves.

Click on the image to see it in the Gallery.

3 thoughts on “2013 Deck – Week 10

  1. Cynthia Preston

    Some how this brings to mind old black and white movies of lovers on the seashore at dusk….and ancient memories of falling asleep in my mothers arms many years ago perhaps near here or on the beach in Trinidad…….I can here the shushing of the waves. A very ancient memory…….Of course it could just be the memory of my first kiss on a beach outside my hotel at 17 in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and wanting to swat the buggers head cause he kept looking over his shoulder looking for sand snakes…LOL!

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