2013 Deck – Week 10

My priorities in life must most definitely be askew, since I seem to have less time for photography than ever before…  But even if I have to take a photo of the same thing every week, I will finish this project  🙂

As I was driving along the seawall, I noticed the white-capped waves as they rushed to shore and thought to just stop and catch a few.  It was a bright afternoon, but lacking any fancy filters or gadgetry I thought that I’d just bring out the focus of my intent in post-processing.

I used an orange filter in Post-processing to deepen the hue of the sky and emphasize the white caps of the waves.

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Cricket, lovely Cricket!

In the Caribbean and Guyana, this is our game, Cricket!  Played by more countries than baseball, but less recognised by the “west”, the only thing played more and enjoyed by more around the world is probably football, NO, not that thing played by Americans, where they hardly use their feet except to run (with amazing speed actually), I’m referring to the real football, also called Soccer worldwide.

In cricket there’s variations of the game,there’s the one called Test Cricket, where everything is tested from the players endurance to the spectators’ patience over several days, usually five but it could be seven, then there’s the One-day Cricket, or standard 50-over matches, the World Cup for which is actually being played now.  The newest forms of the game have been Twenty 20, or a twenty over form of the game, shorter and more exciting, and adopted by the governing cricket body, the ICC, as a new standard form, and here in Guyana, we have the yearly 10/10 games now sponsored by local telecommunications company GT&T.  But those are the structured forms, as children growing up, other than the usual school-yard cricket we knew of three types of cricket, Cricket-in-the-street, Cricket-in-the-rain and the one that none of us could play but loved through the Dave Martins and the Tradewinds song, Cricket-in-the-Jungle!

As much as I’d love to catch a photograph of Monkey batting, the Elephant bowling, the umpire Parrot and the rest, I have to settle for the ones I can find, and I was fortunate to recently see a group of youngsters playing Cricket in the Street, in the Rain!  Can’t beat that combination!  I would have gone down to get closer photographs, but two things held me back, the camera isn’t weather-sealer and I hadn’t walked with the zip-lock bag as suggested by others, and if they saw me taking photos, it would lose some of the natural feel to it.

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For anyone who lives in Guyana and uses the internet regularly, GT&T teased us for a few weeks with what was to come, a brand new internet experience!  They promised that from the 1st of July 2010, we would have four times the current (advertised) bandwidth on our DSL connections, most of us use a 256kbps connection so that meant a whopping 1Mbps.

Most of us, never having experienced anything like this, since we are all local born, bred and grown, with little or no exposure to the internet beyond our shores, were ecstatic with just the thought of it, some of us probably went to bed on June 30th drooling with anticipation.

I have heard people compare our DSL connection to being slower than what they get as dial-up in the cities of North America, I can’t vouch for that, but yes, it was slow.  I once thought that internet error messages were designed with a Guyanese connection in mind, but surely we’re not the only ones suffering such a fate.  During my growing years, I was always told that somewhere in the world there are people worse off than I am, and that is true.  I have a home (mortgaged), a job that I like, a family that I love,  I earn enough to feed and cloth myself and enjoy a few of the things offered in life, and I have access to the World Wide Web.  So I have to thank the telephone company for at least that.

Anyway, I digress!  GT&T and the Internet!  On July 1, 2010 I eagerly went into work, and like most Guyanese, the first thing I did at the computer was to check the all new awesome speed!  and it seems that GT&T hit the proverbial brick wall (not the one on the left).

Not only was the browsing definitely not faster, it was actually slower, across Facebook (in the Guyanese community anyway) there was joke after joke about the service (or lack of), it even escalated to attacks on the source of the new Emagine Logo and mascot.  I admit, I was part and parcel of all this, because we were all justifiably angry.  I don’t think I ever saw so much plays on the word “imagine”

The lesson to be learnt, is never ever ever promise something you can’t deliver.  You can’t say that on July 1st there’s be a newer and faster internet experience and then not deliver.  And when you don’t deliver, you have people (PR) make various excuses and hastily contrived explanations and justifications.  One individual claimed that they were “phasing it in”.  Nonsense!  you want to deliver on the promise of a faster internet that you will “phase in” the it should have been phasing in from a few days before so that you don’t make the entire company look like they’re incompetent.

The good news is, they’re ironing out the kinks, getting rid of the bugs and giving us a better service, so that I can actually upload more than one photo a day to my site 🙂

The three photos in this blog were all uploaded today, quite a milestone for me, since it was so much a hassle before, with failed uploads and just tying up the bandwidth  🙂  Now I have to go back through the older items in my catalog and finally do some processing and uploading, the new available bandwidth is giving me more work  🙂

Emagine.  I was fairly busy today and still uploaded three images, Emagine the possibilities for the future  🙂