2012 Deck – Week 8

Although Mashramani fell in the eight week of the year, I did not necessarily want to use a photograph from that event, fortunately I had gone on a walk with Nikhil around St George’s Cathedral and I had tried out an HDR, although it has some issues, I rather liked the outcome.

I was a mere four feet from the door, but other than standing in mid-air to get the shot, this was my only option.  Although I did some correcting to the distortion caused by the Sigma 10-20mm lens (and the close proximity to the subject), I still got some distortion that I couldn’t get rid of.

My aim with this HDR, was to get the doorway, but also to get as much detail on the inside that I could.  Nikhil wanted to go and adjust the mat, but I thought that the angle that it was at worked fine for me.

Oh, and as usual, I neglected to lug the tripod with me, so this was handheld.

Looking In

10 thoughts on “2012 Deck – Week 8

  1. Andrew Chung

    I would have to agree with the “Mat” being an issue. You see I would go somewhere and without being aware, adjust it so that it is perfect, and in this case, the mat robs the picture of the symmetry being out of alignment. Just my two cents…

  2. Samanthani

    Without the mat and the unaligned strips of carpet, which spoils the perspective and that is a horrible entrance. The upper half of the arch seems more striking. Nice detail of distance to the other side. Rich in details. They need a decorator!

  3. Mary Hares Franklin

    This is nice! I agree the slightly skew-whiff mat adds to the charm. Michael, I thought I read that St. George’s cathedral — a wooden structure of some historical distinction — burned down last year. I hope I am wrong on that.

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