On the corner

Although Nikhil is no longer pressured on a daily basis for a photograph since he completed his first 365 project, we still manage to go for a photo-walk every now and again.  One of those walks took us into Campbelville, and although it was mostly for him to get some Nas-inspried photographs, I came away with a few goodies  🙂

One was also somewhat inspired by an image I once saw from a controversial photographer called Ken, although my photographs may never become as “professional” as Ken’s I learnt a lot from reading his blogs and rants 🙂  So, I titled this one “Ken”, it was taken at the corner of DeAbrue and Duncan Streets (north-west corner)



The second one, I wish I had spent more time on, the scene reminded me of a photograph I once saw from Errol Ross Brewster, and I am ashamed I let the rain chase me away from this spot without getting more out of it, but there you go, the Canon T1i isn’t weather-sealed.  This is at the corner of William and Middleton Streets (north-east corner), it is a single image, but I used HDR Efex Pro to recover some detail in the clouds, in the shot it was totally blown out.


The House on the Corner

20 thoughts on “On the corner

  1. Cecil Beharry

    Hello Michael
    Both photos are real nice, but I am left looking over and over at the house on the corner
    The foreground, the background, the house all so sharp and I love the composition of the photo

  2. Hi Michael, I love the house on the corner except for one thing. I think you would have a winner if you would have cloned out that vertical line (overhead wire, that reaches up into the sky. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong with it.


  3. These are wonderful, colourful, even dramatic images. But otherwise, I’m with Bob: unless you’re a documentary journalist – truth only – then you owe nothing to reality in this case and the image would be very much improved by removing the lines.

  4. I agree with Bob on this one, sometimes clone can be your friend! I really like the first image, reminds me of a certain hospital I love to photograph (mind you, your image is oh so much more colourful)!! 😀

  5. It’s good to have a photo buddy for photo walks and such. I am still trying to find one in my neighborhood to call him/her a photo buddy. I am glad you have Nikhil for your photo walks..there is always something new to learn from one another – from workflows to seeing/processing things differently.

    Love your first shot. Wonderful textures and colors.

  6. davidsobik

    Hi Michael, firstly sorry I have not stopped by for a week or so, busy with weddings! Here are a couple of great images again. Like the HDR recovery, the bottom image screams to be stretched on to canvas some how.

    At first I thought loose the power line, but then it gave me a strong line into the frame.

    Cheers mate.

    1. Thanks David, no need to apologize, I think Weddings keep everyone involved with them pretty busy 🙂
      Glad to hear your thoughts on these, the HDR recovery is good for some images I guess, I’ve only tried a few 🙂
      I tried a small canvas print recently, It worked nice for an HDR and a BW, 🙂

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