2011 Deck – Week 4

I went out on at least two occasions this week with the sole intention of using the Sigma 10-20 Ultra-wide angle lens.  Just so that I didn’t disappoint myself I made sure I chose one of those for this week’s Deck photo  🙂

This is what remains of the building that housed Frandec Travel Service and Frandec Health Insurance, it was one of Georgetown’s old wooden structures, nothing as fancy as a Victorian Styled Mansion but nevertheless, it gave the area some of it’s character.

It was burnt down this January, suspected arson.


Frandec's Remains

14 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 4

  1. cecil beharry

    Hello Michael

    In my opinion. very nicely composed photo

    This sends me down memory lane. Neil Mendonca of Frandec Travel Agency, was my travel agent in the good ole days when I lived in Guyana

    I used to stop in once in awhile and say hello to him. He died a few years ago

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks JP. I heard a lot of people give it bad reviews but I’ve had very good luck with it so far 🙂
      I am usually afraid to just go out and photograph old buildings as some people don’t see the merit, but when they’re gone, you kick yourself for not having taken a photograph of it 🙂

  2. davidsobik

    Pity about the fire but bravo on the capture! What would look very cool is a very dark almost black sky!

    I love wide. My next lens will be the 14 -24mm.

    Cheers Michael

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