On a Breezy Afternoon

I liked how this particular image came out, not necessarily for art, but for the framing of the couple on the bench.  It’s one of those Georgetown Seawall scenes that can be somewhat iconic.

This scene brings to mind the song by Dave Martins and the Tradewinds entitled “In Guyana”, it’s mostly of a time gone by, and mostly even before my time, but some of it pulls at my heartstrings.

Sunsets on the seawall, enjoying the breeze, Sweet Caribbean Music, blowing through the trees, a stroll along the seawall, from the Bandstand to Ayanganna, that’s how it was, In Guyana…

OK, I know those aren’t the words to the song, but I hope Dave won’t hold that against me  🙂


On A Breezy Afternoon

12 thoughts on “On a Breezy Afternoon

  1. Nice framing. It’s nice to see the warmth in other parts of the country. What if you took the picture from a different angle, by sitting or kneeling and using the red fence space to somehow frame the benches. Just a thought.

    1. Thanks Martina, I agree that there are many possibilities, when I was there, all I could think of was this 🙂 Of course if I went moving all around and pointing the camera in their direction they might have thought I was a stalker 🙂

  2. Andrew

    Like the shot, but would have to disagree that no roof in the photo might give more focus to the subject rather than letting you eye drift away. Just my two cents.

  3. Hi Michael, I, too, find the upper left of the picture a little distracting. Maybe if you could have zoomed closer to eliminate that, or possibly cloning out that part? Otherwise, i really like the picture.


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