September Monochromes

I decided on the name before I realised that I have one that was actually taken in October, but since I am unable to come up with a new creative sounding name, it remains as September Monochromes.

I want to start off with a Sepia image, it’s not necessarily a great image, but I liked the elements; seashore, people – young and not-so-young, and a fishing rod.


Afternoon After-school


The next is the first of the Black and White images, it is one that I recently entered into a DP Review challenge called Clouds, I was experimenting with a borrowed Canon 80-200mm lens and most of the images came out very low contrast, so like the Sepia one above, most of the rest I’ve rendered in monochrome.  This one came out much better than expected, I had to give it a title for the challenge, so that’s how the title came to be.


Sail-winds and Silhouettes
Sail-winds and Silhouettes


Along the seashore, you are sure to find a coconut washed ashore by the waves, this one was partway up a concrete sloped walkway on the seawall, maybe washed there but probably kicked there by some youngster.




The final image is the one taken in October, after our Robbery ordeal and we daringly went right back to the Kingston Promenade, I like the clouds in the sky and thought that the lighthouse silhouetted against it would look nice  🙂

They were doing some renovation work to the lighthouse, so you might notice the scaffolding on the sides of it there.

15 thoughts on “September Monochromes

  1. Sarah

    Could be fun, though, Mike, because the collecting and separating of images makes you see them differently too. What belongs with what?
    I like your short d-o-f coconut: good call avoiding the rule of thirds on that one!

  2. Cecil Beharry

    Hello again Mike. Thanks for the photos. I like best, the weather beaten coconut on the beach, the photo looking good on a beautifully composed picture.
    In the photo, I see the mystery of the coconut which may have travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles to land on the beach there and possible to continue it’s journey with the next tide. Thanks again. Cecil

  3. Neville Singh

    Hi Michael,
    Did the Police find the culprit and your belongings?
    Hope you are recovered from that ordeal and pleased to see you are brave enough not to be put off by it.
    Keep well and best regards. Ca canny!

    1. Thanks Neville!
      They have one in custody, but seem to have a hard time catching and keeping the other one. I have back my phone, Nik has gotten back his phone and camera, but not his wedding ring, nor any of our cash. But life goes on and begs to be photographed 🙂
      Thanks again!

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