The Lunatic

Do you see the humanoid looking speck at the top of that hill?

That’s my brother Andre, also known as The Lunatic.  Always willing to go the extra mile or the extra climb for that perfect photograph,  We were already on top of a hill and could see a nice view and a good distance, but Andre just had to go for a higher vantage point.

That’s my brother for you!  When he was a teenager he rode from Georgetown to Lethem, he will tell you that he actually didn’t start riding until Linden, but that’s like saying the glass if fifteen-sixteenths full and not full all the way.  Anyone who has travelled the trail in recent years knows that its rough, well that trail didn’t exist in that state when he rode it, it was rougher, with steeper hills and swamps.

He is the kind of person who will run towards the tornado to get a good shot, instead of running for cover like the rest of us,  he will hang off the edge of cliffs looking at waterfalls, and jump out of a moving vehicle on a precarious hillside just because he sees a photo opportunity, leaving the rest of us panicking in the vehicle, worrying more about him than ourselves.

When Andre makes up his mind to do something, he’ll move mountains to do it, and accomplish it with style and a smile on his face.

Why am I saying all these things about him now?  Men in our family generally don’t express that much emotion to each other, we acknowledge things like pride and love with a nod of the head and a small smile.  Andre is the second member of our family to migrate this year, Joan married and migrated a few months back, none of the family have done so before, and the feelings are bitter-sweet.  We are happy for them and wish them well in their lives, a future that is unsure as always, but sure to be filled with many things new and wondrous, yet we are sad that we are losing them, it is hard to say goodbye to someone who has been a part of your life for all of memorable time.

When this blog-post goes live, I will be at the airport saying goodbye to my brother, my friend.  Vaya con dios!  Hasta la vista!

16 thoughts on “The Lunatic

  1. Sita

    I could have never imagined Andre as such an adventurous Lunatic as you call him, at least not from a first glance, makes me remember one year we were doing a photo shoot and my colleague referred to him as having such a baby face, Andre didn’t like that at all I guess now I know why.

    I am sure he will be missed, such pleasant person, always with a smile.

    By the way Michael where are those shots that were taken from the top of that hill 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Yes, I’ve been struck by how undemonstrative you all are, and I was both happy and wistful on your behalf reading this. The far-off silhouette is piquant in the circumstances. Funny how often the gentlest presences are the most missed.

  3. Sweet post. Get the feeling that you guys are close. If so, I hope that distance doesn’t stop that from continuing. best of luck and, as always, great photograph.

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  5. Tammy

    Awww Mike, this was a very touching post…btw just spoke to ‘the lunatic’ and will see him soon :-)don’t worry he will be fine I’m sure.


  6. This is a very touching post. You have the best of sibling relationships here – not only love, but a deep admiration as well. There’s no need for absence to make the heart grow fonder as they say so I am sorry that you are to be parted and wish you both the best in changed circumstances.

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