Fence Topper

One of my favourite photographs is one that I did twice  🙂  You know, so nice I did it twice?  Anyway, I took it originally when I shot with the Canon PowerShot S5, a beauty of a camera, bigger than a compact, but a super-zoom with amazing results, and then when I moved onto shooting an SLR, I tried again to shoot a similar shot, similar because you can never get the same shot twice, not really.  That was my “Fleur de Lis Fence Toppers“, and although I was less pleased the second time around, it was probably because I was expecting more.

Recently I took another shot of a Fence Topper and did a monochromatic rendering, several of them had already “disappeared” off the fence, so instead of trying to catch several of them I concentrated on one and tried to get a nice background, nice not as in scenery, but complimentary.

Silvertone Fence Topper

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