End of an Era

I doubt if I have all the facts, but I think I have the general gist of the thing.  For as many years as I can remember, and probably for as many years as I have existed, there have been three “Gas Stations” on Vlissengen Road, right next to one another; from north to south it was Texaco, then Esso and then Shell.  I think most Guyanese grew up calling these places Gas Stations, instead of the more internationally acceptable “Petrol Station” or “Service Station”.  At Mashramani time, these stations were always popular meeting places, and even “drinking places”.

A few years ago, the Shell service stations were purchased by Sol, and are operated under the Shell brand/franchise, shortly after that Sol also bought out the Esso service stations, these now operate either unbranded or as Sol service stations. So at this point Sol had two service station competing with each other, right next door to each other, on Vlissengen Road.  I figure that it was only a matter of time before one had to close down.

The Esso service Station was known by many as the KC Correia Service Station, and it has been under that management for more years than I care to count.  I was told that it is now closing its doors.  That is sad, but changes are inevitable and we must either change with it or be left behind.  It seems that the old Esso Station was chosen to close its doors over the more modern Shell Station.

I took this photo last Friday, not knowing when I would get the chance again.

KC Correia Service Station, Vlissengen Road. Canon EOS REBEL T1i. 18 mm. 25s at f/16, ISO 200

15 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. Well I can’t say that I feel overly moved by the idea of the closing of the station, but it was a major part of the landscape of my youth (not that long ago 🙂

    It was a major part of the night life of many people too, thanks their late opening hours, large parking lot and sale of beer 🙂

    Sad to see it go.

  2. Rose

    I guess soon the CORREIA’S family name will soon be no more in GT. The wine factory has gone and so has the chicken farm. I would guess that all that is left is the Jewelry store. At least there is a street with the name. Hopefully it will not be changed. Love the picture.

  3. The Correira’s contribution to Guyana’s History is legend. Over the last 100 years they have set the benchmark in local industry including Gold Jewellery and mining – Interior Developmnt – Cinemas throughout Guyana, Chicken Farming,Wine and Rum Production plus many other small industries.
    Eugene Correira, popular boxing promoter and owner of the Vlissengen Esso Station in the Seventies had one of the first Snackette Diner annexe to the station – a popular meeting place for socialising. Another landmark gone.

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