Three for the weekend

I really really thought long and hard for a title for this post, and couldn’t come up with a single thing worth using, so here’s three for the weekend….  Three photos, that is; this is a blog about my photographs after all.

The first is a building that I have had my eye on for some time, I seldom ever see it without a few to several vehicles in front of it, and I didn’t want the vehicles in the photograph, at least not this photograph, I wanted the building.  Of course getting a nice composition is challenging, especially with the many wires crisscrossing the street in front  of the building.  Whenever I saw it nice and clear, the lighting would not be optimal, and whenever the lighting was right, the place was very very busy, well I finally saw it clear and with a nice morning light.

On Waterloo Street, Georgetown, Guyana

It only takes a small rain shower to ensure that pedestrians walk on the roads instead of the pavement, especially on Avenue of the Republic, it probably only rained for about ten minutes the morning I took this, normally I wouldn’t be tempted to take a photograph, but the sun had come out and the colours were popping and it was even evident in the reflections in the water  🙂

Pavement, Avenue of the Republic

Two days ago, Nikhil did a very nice close up shot for his 365 Project, and while I was also captured by the colours of the structures, I decided to wait and see what else about the scene would capture my attention, as it turns out I liked the house and tree more than the structures  🙂  This is also a move away from the norm for me, I usually do proportionate cropping if I crop the image, but in this case I found a square crop to be optimal for the image (that and I really needed to crop out the other buildings on the left without losing some of the elements in the shot)

Hadfield Street and Brumell Place (taken while standing in Louisa Row)

It seems I forgot to mention that all three are in Georgetown, Guyana.  Three different days and three very different images of Georgetown  🙂

9 thoughts on “Three for the weekend

  1. Very interesting photographs, Michael. I like the textures of the first building. Did you try to clone out the wires?

    I love the splashy, saturated colors of the street scene.

    The third one leaves me curious to see what is behind the tree. 🙂


  2. This city is endlessly photogenic. I think we can spend months walking everyday and not exhaust the possibilities. Lovely set of photos, I am really happy you got such a good shot of the first building.

  3. What an interesting series of images. Love the colours and the unique Guyanian (I assume :)) feel. The upper story windows on that first house have me really intrigued with their angled casements.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’ll forgive you for the Guyanian term since world renowned authors have erred in similar fashion, we are Guyanese 🙂 those types of casements are locally known as Demerara Shutters, makes the interiors cool, Demerara is the county in which we live here 🙂

  4. Oh I apologize. I should have looked it up! Thanks for forgiving me and for explaining about the shutters, it’s a wonderful innovation.

    Another one I could look up, but I’ll ask you instead…does Demerara sugar have anything to do with where you live?

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