As August comes to an end and the new school term begins, and with September being “Education Month” in Guyana, it is fitting that I just processed this photo.

Knowledge is powerful, and while we can be intelligent and knowledgeable without being literate, it is the written word that has the power to cross miles and years to communicate ideas of forward thinking and to reflect on historical events.

Read a book, give a book, encourage our children to read.

Canon EOS 60D  |  Sigma 10-20mm  |   Knowledge – 16-1242  |  January 2016

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5 thoughts on “Knowledge

  1. Savita

    It’s a really nice image; An apt photo too as l see a door or it appears to be a door, in my opinion it represents opportunity. There is a Rastafarian who appears to be reading ( Their culture teaches them to be humble and l have seen a Rastafarian walked around wearing gown- like clothing and ” Knowledge is Power” sewed on on one of them) and lastly, there is an alert student. 🙂 Michael, please send me another e-book. :p cheers

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