Victoria Dawn

I don’t do a lot of sunrise or sunset photos anymore, I guess unless there is something particularly appealing to use with it it’s just another sunrise or sunset to me, and that is probably a sad thing, as they are beautiful moments.

I was on a little impromptu photowalk with Fidal and another photog last year, it was actually Halloween day; we stopped at the seawall at Victoria village before continuing on to Mahaica and I took a few photos there, one of which I’ve come to like.  It really is nothing spectacular, but the composition, the pastel colours and the sunrise moment gives it a nice peaceful vibe 🙂

Canon EOS 60D   |  Sigma 10-20mm  |  Victoria Dawn 15-0355  |  Victoria Village, East Coast Demerara

Of course, those who know my work, will know that to see a landscape in colour (especially along the seawall) is a rarity these days 🙂

Click on the image to see it in the gallery.

9 thoughts on “Victoria Dawn

  1. Savita

    Nice composition indeed. I like the name that you’ve chosen, Victoria Dawn; classy. 😀 l could imagine what it felt like at sunrise, cool and blissful.

    However, there is a spot ( above the wall close to the tree trunk) that seems too bright for my eyes; that could be just me though, being sensitive to light or maybe viewing the photo from a tiny photo screen. 😀

    Nevertheless, l’ve always enjoy your photography and the stories behind them.

  2. Rose

    One for the Rodrigues. Would that be “the” road by any chance. Thought of Aunty Cecelia when I saw it. Such peace and promise of a new day.

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