I was out by the seawall hoping to see a nice sky that I could use for a possible seascape when I came across a flag (Jhandi) planted on the beach with the leaf of the Lotus Flower plant at it’s base with the food offerings to Lord Hanuman.

I tried quite a few angles to get the perfect shot, but still don’t think I got the one that would jump out at me…  but this one I liked never-the-less  🙂

Click on the image to see it in the Seawall Gallery along with many other images from the Guyana Seawalls.

Also click on the Lotus Flower link in the text above to see a brief post I once did on the plant.

5 thoughts on “Offerings

  1. Cynthia Preston

    It’s thought provoking for me as a Christian a window on another’s faith. I wonder why I think of the Hawai’an tradition of leis flowers on the ocean, or the Chinese tradition of floating candles as more powerful symbols/offerings. Perhaps because I am not as familiar with East Indian traditions. The photo more culturally brings to mind flags we planted in beach sands as children propped up by a ring of stones on Northern beaches saying in the way of children unaffirmed: I AM HERE!

  2. Rose

    On seeing the leaf my first thought was. “oh no its a baby” Similar to Cynthia, never having seen such a sight “before the tide had gotten to it” I did not realize what it was. Just grateful it was not a baby. Wonderful shot all the same. 🙂

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