Goodbye Uncle Harry

Growing up, my maternal grandfather was seldom seen in the congregation of the church, he was always at the back “helping out” Uncle Harry.  I grew up knowing Uncle Harry as Uncle Joe, then others called him Harry, when I asked my grandfather about it he said that he is Harry Joe!  You never question wisdom like that!

Uncle Harry would be there to open the church, he’d be there to close the church, he was the man to go to to get your weekly Catholic Standard, or the tickets for the next Festival of Carols.  He would hand out the collection baskets to the people who would be needing them for each mass, and he’d have Bibles, Hymnals and other little books on sale too.

He was as grumpy as he was jovial.  He was a New Year baby, born on the 1st of January, worked for many years at Banks DIH, from all the way back when it was known as D’Aguiar’s, and he worked at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception for as long as my memory serves, up until he was retired a few years ago.

After retirement from his duties in the church he’d try to attend either the early morning 6:00 am mass, or the next one at 7:30 am on Sundays, rain or shine, in his long pants, dress shoes, shirt-jac, umbrella, hat and his spectacle case and pen in his top pocket.

He died on Sunday 17th March 2013, St Patrick’s Day, at around 2am; it was his time.  May his Soul Rest in Peace.

I had taken that photograph of him (candidly) two days before my own birthday in 2011, and he was sitting there staring towards this altar below:

19 thoughts on “Goodbye Uncle Harry

  1. Rose

    May his soul rest in Peace. He was around since I was in the youth group. Must have been sending up a pray. One of those people who will be missed. Love the piece about his pen in the pocket. Grand Dad and Mr Johnson has company.

  2. yvonne kanai

    Job well done Uncle Harry ! and quite from the old school teachings . Your family will miss him Michael but the memory of all his love and teachings will certainly live on ! ( Grimpy and Jovial )

  3. Dwight John

    We will miss him he was a friend to all…a person who passed on a lot of knowledge to anyone who would listen…. RIP Uncle Harry…

  4. Darren Quinn

    Rest In Peace Uncle Harry, our sympathy goes out to all your family and friends especially the ones who knew you well that grew up under your presence.

    Quinn Family.

  5. Rondha Lam-Singh

    Oh wow Mike I didn’t know this. I remember him as well helping me to prep for reading during mass. Rest in peace Uncle Joe. May his family be comforted.

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