2013 Deck – Week 01

As an exercise to keep my photography going, I’m continuing my Deck Project, hopefully in 2013 I will be able to expand more on my photography.

I almost started off with a photo of the inside of a tent, then I changed my mind and began on a seascape, but for some reason neither felt right; although I prefer to start with a coloured image, I think that this image felt better to me, it’s a Black and White processed in Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex, those of you who have followed me know that when I say processed I don’t mean “Edit”, nothing has been added or taken away from this image.

Let the New Year of Photography continue!

8 thoughts on “2013 Deck – Week 01

  1. I don’t think the weekly photo is enough of a challenge for you. Not suggesting greater frequency, but maybe something to mix it up a bit, so you have to put more effort into it. Themes maybe. Think about it.

  2. Andrew Chung

    While the shot is interesting, I would have to agree with Nikhill on this one, like top 10 amazing things you have seen and have people vote on their order in the list, or new additions that can replace those and again vote on the whether they can be included at what order. In this way you can take your time gathering your shots. Those groups of shots can be based upon light effects, optical illusions, those just at the right time shots. etc.

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