Touch of the Goddess

Although I am a Catholic, I have always been fascinated by the old myths and legends of ancient civilizations, so sometimes that comes through in my art  🙂

A New Day

As Selene departs, another night done
She comes charging, the day’s begun
Sky aglow from her robes of saffron
As her mighty steeds keep galloping on.

Firebright and Daybright in the cool early morn
together they pull her Chariot along
the harbringer of Helios; the master of day
she dispels the night with her soft golden rays

Mother of the winds and the Morning Star
lighten the darkness, let night leave no scar
Upon a world of cold night chills
bring warmth, bring light, bring what you will

The Dawn-bringer comes, her tears on the flowers
creatures of dark, well should you cower
I stand on a mountain in the far distant west
And patiently await the touch of the Goddess.

Touched by the Goddess

Please click on the photos in this post to see them larger at the Gallery, I think the small sizes here may do them an injustice.

18 thoughts on “Touch of the Goddess

      1. Poetry and photography, eh? Very cool. I’m not an avid mythology fan but am very into fantasy literature. This poem kind of reminds me of that genre… Good stuff! 🙂

  1. Kojo

    Beyond the perfection of the images I was really blown away by how well wed the verse was with the first image. Did you have the text in mind or did the two just accidently collide with one another.

  2. Michael, I didn’t realize at first that you had written this poem, I was searching for who you noted as the poet! It’s a beautifully versed and the images transcend the words. Both images suggest the idea of transitions — of time, moods, life.

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