2012 Deck – Week 7

This week’s Deck Photo is taken from the Children’s Mashramani Parade this year, I previously blogged about that. (If you haven’t checked it out as yet, I think its a good view, the children really did well!)

Although this photograph may not have been the best of that set, there was just something, that “je ne c’est quoi” quality in it that I thought was more appealing to me.  It was a beautiful costume, and a lovely young lady showing it off, and her smile lit up her face nicely too.

The costume wasn’t as colourful (you know, the full range of the Guyana flag, plus a few more) as others, but in its simplicity of colours it enhanced the beauty and detail of the design.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


6 thoughts on “2012 Deck – Week 7

  1. Trace Persaud

    You are right Mike, this may not be the brightest and the most colourful costume, but its the simplicity of just a mere few colours that makes this costume outstanding, as I myself don’t like to use more than three colours max when I’m doing Graphic Designing. What is even more captivating to me about this photo, is that this young lady’s smile lit up her entire face, and I could also plainly see, the sparkle and the true happiness in her eyes, I could tell she was having fun. You couldn’t have done better and I prefer this photo and costume to any other. Good job Mike, keep up the great work.

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