2011 Deck – Week 52

The final week of the year, and the final photo for the Deck Project for this year.  This one I can say I like, it has been “edited” a bit in addition to the standard processing, I added a “purplish” gradient to the sky for effect.

Another year has ended, I am a bit disappointed with myself, and I think I need to refocus for the new year,  I plan on restarting the Deck Project, it gives me a sense of purpose for my photography, so I wouldn’t want to stop it.  I think that Nikhil may be re-starting his 365 Project that he did a year ago, I look forward to that.

As we end this year and look forward to 2012, I present a photo that I think represents many Coastland Guyanese, a typical afternoon on the coast, enjoying the winds of the Atlantic and just “Shooting the Breeze” (chatting, talking, gaffing!)

Shooting the Breeze

6 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 52

  1. The photo is lovely. Moving. Makes me wish I was there. Funny, I feel the same way, a bit disappointed, but motivated to do better this year. It’s been too long since I’ve been by, and I don’t know if 2012 will grant me any more time (they say to be careful what you wish for), but I want to wish you lots of joy and inspiration in the coming year.


  2. Roshinee

    Thanks Mike… its been a real pleasure reading this blog over the last year… and all the best for the year ahead. I’m positive that we are all in for bigger and better things from you!

  3. Despite the heavy push towards the end of this of this year I have enjoyed the deck this year too. The key with these things is to keep on top of it because the moment you slip it becomes so hard to get it restarted. I know this from experience.

    Anyway, best of luck keeping it going next year. It is a very worthwhile project.

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