2011 Deck – Week 30

It is not every week that I can come up with something that pleases everyone, so this week don’t expect something that pleases you  🙂  but if it does, hooray!

I went to the Essequibo Coast a few weekends back for a wedding (photos from which I don’t have permission to share as yet), I took photos other than wedding ones, so here is one from the first day there, which happened to be the last day of the 30th Week of 2011.

It seems that from the North-West region to the Corentyne Coast there is a common theme on the shores of our land, Jhandi Flags!  You can’t seem to walk the beaches, sea-walls or the coastline in general without seeing them.

9 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 30

  1. The easiest way to get good photos; go somewhere new 🙂 This looks like an early morning sojourn. Good thing you didn’t have to wait on permission from the wedding officials to have a photo to post 🙂

  2. Cecil Beharry

    Hello Michael
    This is a very “happy photograph” , absolutely love it. It’s now 10:00am and looking at that cheerful sunshiny , photograph is a great way to enjoy the morning
    Love it


    This is beautiful… it leaves a sense of wonder and some mystery that something happened here. I love this type of art. It lets our imaginations go wild and so many stories can be derived.

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