2011 Deck – Week 26

I’ve been delinquent in my posts recently, but I have a really really good excuse…. no I don’t, I’ve just been busy.  I can’t even conjure up a plausible excuse that might fool a school teacher on this one.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the past and the future, for this post I’ll deal with the past.  As you know I recently posted a photo of St Barnabas, a church that will soon be just a memory, and in my case a few thousand pixels worth of data, and on a recent walk with Nikhil (during which I think I accomplished a grand total of three shutter actuations) I took a photo of a piece of architecture that always fascinated me, for one reason and one reason only, the tower!

I’ve always dreamt of having a tower on my dwelling that I could climb into and see the world around me, and since I’ve taken up photography, probably capture amazing sunset and sunrise photographs from it.  Of course, I don’t have any such tower or photographer’s perch, so I just admire the ones that exist.

Of course, this building also has other “architectural” interests, like the Demerara Shutters, the wooden louvres and the shingled outer wall.


14 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 26

  1. What has it been? A month worth? I think you owe us a lot more than one photo and a lame excuse!

    Ah, who am I kidding, I basically quit my daily posts for the same reason. It just seems that other priorities are coming ahead of the photography.

    Maybe we need to make a big push to get back into the spirit of things.


    Lovely, thats all i can say. Old architecture and old buildings always intrequed me and will just sit and wonder and try to conjure their stories and the people who built them. The St. Barnabus church sale came as a shock to me. After maybe well over a century.. Will it all be torn away from memory.

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    1. Thanks Sheila!!!
      very interesting… I have some more photos to process and I hope to do a comprehensive blog-post on it soon 🙂
      For the church (authorities) and the buyers, its a sensible business deal, but the people who should have stepped in to save it didn’t, the Government!

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